Constance K. Cottrell, PhD, MHA, RN, is a nurse scientist in Cleveland Clinic’s Office of Nursing Research and Innovation. Dr. Cottrell has extensive clinical experience in pediatric nursing and pediatric psychology, with a focus on coping with chronic and terminal pulmonary diseases. She also has research and clinical experience in the behavioral management of both pediatric and adult pain disorders, specifically headaches. She has served in the roles of nursing professional development in an inpatient setting and as faculty at The Ohio State University College of Nursing. More recently, she served as an associate professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northeast Ohio Medical University as a mentor to medical residents completing research requirements for graduation. She has been in health research for more than 20 years conducting and managing clinical research, including NIH-funded studies and sponsored clinical trials.

Research Interests

Lived experience, empowerment and retention of registered nurses and patient care nurse assistants in the hospital setting; elucidating differences between quality improvement, evidence-based practice projects, and research.


  • MHA (Masters in Healthcare Administration), Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, 2012
  • PhD in Clinical Psychology, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, 1994
  • MSN, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 1981
  • BSN, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 1976


  • Certified Principal Investigator, Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Contact Information

Cleveland Clinic
Office of Nursing Research and Innovation
9500 Euclid Ave/ T4
Cleveland, Ohio 44195



Dr. Cottrell serves on the Research Policy and Procedure Committee and the Planning Committee for the Annual Patient Safety Day at Cleveland Clinic. She is also on the Nursing Institute Research Council and co-chairs the annual Clinical Nursing Research Conference. She has served on institutional review boards as well as research oversight committees.

Clinical Practice & Teaching

Clinical Practice & Teaching

Clinical Practice

Dr. Cottrell’s clinical expertise is in pediatric nursing, specifically pediatric pulmonary disease, neonatal intensive care and infant cardiothoracic intensive care. She also has expertise in child and pediatric psychology with a focus on issues related to chronic and terminal disease.


Dr. Cottrell has previous experience teaching pediatric nursing at The Ohio State University College of Nursing and as a clinical (staff development) instructor at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. She currently serves as a mentor to DNP and PhD nursing students and staff nurses pursuing their research interests. Her teaching experience includes undergraduate introductory and health psychology courses. She is an associate professor in Obstetrics/Gynecology at the Northeast Ohio College of Medicine, where she previously mentored medical residents completing research requirements for graduation.

Research & Publications

Research & Publications

2021 – Publications and Presentations

Abdelnour R, Marley M, Bowersox N, Pagano T, Cottrell C, George E, Creager L, Kovach S, Ragozine J, Smith-Steinmetz H, Schirf J, Mendiola J, Savitski J. Implementation and evaluation of an elective induction protocol at a regional tertiary obstetric care center. Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine 41st Annual Pregnancy Meeting, 2021; Virtual.

Cottrell C, Clausen S, Sullivan D, Bena, Biats D. (2021). An Initiative to increase resident performance of operative vaginal deliveries. 16th Annual Clinical Nursing Research Conference, Cleveland, Ohio

Rose, A., Gilbertson, A., Cottrell, C., Tampi, R. (2021). Cognitive screening for adult psychiatric outpatients: Comparison of the Cognivue® to the Montreal Cognitive Assessment. World J Psychiatr. 11(7): 265-270.

Snyder, H., Mullen, C., Cottrell, C., Markovich, R., Savitski, J. (2021). Effect of Skin-to-Skin Contact on Incidence of Transient Tachypnea of the Newborn. JOGNN. 50(6):724-731. doi: 10.1016/j.jogn.2021.09.001

2020 – Presentation

Lende M, Heiselman C, Knebush M, Cottrell C, Bacak S.(2020). Postpartum Diabetes Screening in an Urban Resident Clinic. Presented at Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine 40th Annual Pregnancy Meeting, Grapevine, TX, February 3-9, 2020.

2019 - Presentations and Publications

Greenbaum R, Cottrell C, Bacak S. (2019). 17-Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate and the Prevention of Preeclampsia.  Poster presented at the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting, Nashville, TN.

Lende M, Freeman E, Hoq R, Cottrell C, Savitski J. (2019). Multidisciplinary approach to managing an obstetrical patient with delusional denial of pregnancy. Psychiatric Annals. 49(11): 506-508.

Zuponcic J, Cottrell C, Lavin J. (2019). Addressing Decision Making in Progesterone Treatment for History of Preterm Delivery.  American Journal of Perinatology Reports. 9(3): 2244-e250.

MacCleary Price N, Cottrell C, Lavin J. (2019). The impact of antepartum hospitalization on maternal psychological well-being.  American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 2019; 220:S246-S147.

Professional Involvement

Professional Involvement

  • Member, Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses
  • Member, Midwest Nursing Research Society
  • Member, Sigma Theta Tau
  • Member, Association of Clinical Research Professionals
Honors & Awards

Honors & Awards

  • OB/GYN Residency Support Person of the Year, 2016
  • Caregiver Appreciation Awards:Teamwork (29) and Quality (1)
  • Caregiver Excellence Award:Teamwork (3)
  • Best Behavioral Issues Poster, American Headache Society Meeting, 2003