Cleveland Clinic Main Campus Street Closure

Starting on Monday, October 2, E. 100th Street between the Cleveland Clinic P2 Parking Garage (2101 East 100th Street, Cleveland, OH 44106) and Cedar Avenue will be closed. This includes all vehicle and sidewalk traffic.

This is a long-term closure. But you can still get to the P2 parking garage during this time You’ll need a little extra time and a detour to get there. Here are a few ways you can still get to the P2 garage during the closure:

  • If you’re coming from the west, turn right onto E. 100th.
  • If you’re coming from the east, turn left onto E. 100th.
  • If you’re coming from the south on E. 105th Street, turn left onto Carnegie Avenue then left onto E. 100th.
  • If you’re coming from the north on E. 105th Street, turn right onto Carnegie Avenue then left onto E. 100th.

You’ll still be able to get to all of our buildings from the skyway that connects the garage to the Cole Eye, Crile and Taussig buildings, as well as the InterContinental Hotel and the rest of main campus.

Traffic may be busier than usual around the P2 garage while this construction is happening. Please add time when you plan your visit to main campus so you can navigate through the detours. We recommend adding about 20 minutes to your travel time.

This construction is part of a bigger project. It supports the work being done on the Cleveland Innovation District — a program to advance healthcare, research and other related activities in Greater Cleveland.

Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center at Hillcrest Hospital

Construction continues on the new Lozick Cancer Pavilion at Hillcrest Hospital. As part of this, we have made changes to check-in and waiting areas. This remains in effect until the Cancer Center’s new south-end entrance opens in spring 2024.

The Cancer Center’s Lower Level Clinic reception desk and waiting area are now by the Emergency Room entrance. Check-in here for:

  • Radiation Oncology.
  • Thoracic.
  • Palliative Medicine.
  • Gynecology Oncology.
  • Genetic Counseling.
  • Lower-level Medical Oncology clinics.

If you have appointments with Medical Oncology on the 2nd floor, check in at the temporary reception desk and waiting area outside the current clinics’ entrance.

Due to space constraints during construction, please bring only one guest to appointments. Thank you for your patience during this exciting construction project

Cole Eye Main Entrance Relocation

The main entrance for the Cole Eye Institute has been relocated.

If you have an appointment in the Cole Eye building, you’ll be directed to arrive via the east side of the Crile Building (2042 E. 102nd Street, Cleveland, OH 44106). This entrance is accessible from E. 100th Street and Cole Drive.

The most convenient parking garage is located at Cleveland Clinic Parking Garage P2 (2101 East 100th Street, Cleveland, OH 44106) on E. 100th Street between Carnegie Avenue and Cedar Avenue. You can use a skyway to get from the garage to the Crile and Cole Eye buildings.

Valet services (Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.) will also be available for purchase at the relocated Cole Eye entrance.

Once inside, Redcoats will be there to help you find the elevators for the Cole Eye skyway. Patient transporters will be available to assist those needing a wheelchair. Signage will also be in place to help you find your way to the Cole Eye building. Redcoats and patient transporters will be available Monday through Friday.

After your appointment or visit, you can get back to entrance by using the same skyway and elevators as before.

Arriving at the Crile entrance will add additional time to your arrival. We ask that you plan your commute accordingly to allow an additional 5 to 20 minutes to arrive on time for your appointment.

Surgery Check-In Location Changed

Parking and check-in for main campus surgical patients has been relocated.

The check-in desk will now be located at J1-9. You should arrive through the Miller Family Pavilion entrance (J building, 9300 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44106), which is the main entrance to Cleveland Clinic. Once inside, caregivers will be on hand to direct surgical patients to the check-in desk.

The most convenient parking garage is located at P1 Parking Garage (9211 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106) on E 93rd Street between Chester Avenue and Euclid Avenue. Valet services is also available for purchase at the J entrance.

Following your procedure, you will be discharged through the Glickman Tower (Q building, 2050 E. 96th Street, Cleveland, Ohio, 44106) on E 96th Street between Euclid Avenue and Carnegie Avenue. Friends or family members may collect their car from the parking garage or valet and navigate to the E 96th St. discharge location to pick you up.

Traffic Alert: E. 90th Street Closure

To support underground repairs and the demolition of the P Building, E. 90th Street between Euclid and Carnegie Avenues is closed.

Patients and visitors wishing to access the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Outpatient Center (8950 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44106) should do so via Euclid Avenue.

With the demolition of the P4 Garage, patients and visitors can park in the P1 Parking Garage (9211 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106) or utilize valet services located at the Euclid Avenue entrance of the outpatient center.