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Virtual Visits

Get the care you need — right when you need it. See a Cleveland Clinic provider online from the comfort of your home using the MyClevelandClinic® app from your mobile phone or computer.
Cleveland Clinic Express Care® Online App

Why Do a Virtual Visit?

Virtual visits let you see a healthcare provider from anywhere at any time, day or night, with a wide range of benefits:

  • You can talk to a healthcare provider face-to-face when you have a concern.
  • It’s quick and convenient to get the diagnosis or treatment you need for a variety of conditions.
  • It can prevent a trip to urgent care or the ER.
  • You can even get a prescription sent to your pharmacy, when available.
  • A family member caregiver or translator can join you.
  • Scheduled virtual visits allow you to see your provider for a follow-up visit online, instead of making another trip to the doctor.
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What Is the Difference Between an On-Demand Visit and a Scheduled Visit?

On-Demand Visit - You don’t need an appointment. You’ll be connected to a provider who can help you with any number of common healthcare concerns. On-demand virtual visits are available for patients age 2 and up, although patients 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult during their visit. Commonly treated conditions include:

* Adults only

Scheduled Visit - This is an appointment with your primary care physician or specialist that’s scheduled in advance — like a regular in-person appointment. Usually, these are follow-up visits, but scheduled visits are also used before and after surgery, pregnancy and infant well-checks, pre-visit information sessions, medication reviews, genetic counseling, infectious disease visits before traveling and more.

How Do I Get Started?

How Do I Get Started?

New Users

New users

If you’ve never used the MyClevelandClinic app for on-demand visits, you can either download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play store or you can use the desktop version. Follow the directions to create a new account and log in. To schedule a virtual visit with a Cleveland Clinic specialist, you can contact their office directly.

Returning Users

Returning users

If you’re already registered on the MyClevelandClinic app, you can use the same username and password that you used before.

MyChart Users

MyChart users

If you are a MyChart user, you can use the MyClevelandClinic app for both on-demand and scheduled visits by logging in with your MyChart account. You can also use the MyChart website on your computer for virtual visits. Learn how to get started. This service is available for U.S. patients only, excluding Martin Health.

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Are virtual visits covered by insurance?

Most insurance companies are paying for virtual visits for COVID-19 positive diagnoses. Cleveland Clinic will waive any financial responsibility you may have. For services for non-COVID-19 positive diagnoses, some insurance companies are paying for virtual visits. Cleveland Clinic will only bill you for your financial responsibility after we have billed your insurance. Insurance companies are beginning to change their coverage of virtual visits for non-COVID-19-related symptoms, so it is best to confirm your benefits with your insurance company prior to care.

Facility fees also apply to scheduled virtual visits. Virtual visit facility fees support the necessary digital health technology and healthcare services of a provider, which would otherwise be delivered in an outpatient setting. The way your insurance covers facility and/or treatment room charges will be different, based on whether you have insurance through your employer, another insurance company or if you are covered by Medicare.

Virtual visits are still an option for you, even if your insurance company does not cover it.

How much does it cost?

If the visit is covered by your insurance, there may be a copay which is determined by your plan. Before your appointment, it is best to check with your insurance company to see if virtual visits are covered. Even if your insurance plan does not cover virtual visits, they may still be an option for you. The cost of a virtual visit starts at $55.

Can someone else join?

Yes, a family member, caregiver or translator can participate in your virtual visit.

What equipment do I need to start a virtual visit?

To begin your virtual visit, you will need a mobile phone or internet-connected tablet or computer. 

For on-demand virtual visits: Open the MyClevelandClinic app or log into the MyChart website and select on-demand virtual visits and follow the log-in instructions.

For scheduled virtual visits: Complete these steps to prepare for your visit.

How can I get help if I have issues before or during my virtual visit?

For on-demand virtual visits: If you encounter technical difficulties during your on-demand visit, you can reach us any time at 1.855.786.3899 (toll-free).

For scheduled virtual visits: If you need technical support for your upcoming scheduled virtual visit, you can reach us any time at 1.866.915.3383 (toll-free).

What if I have already signed up for Cleveland Clinic Express Care® Online?

If you have used the Express Care Online app before, you will need to download the MyClevelandClinic app and complete a one-time enrollment prior to completing a virtual visit.

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