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An easy and fast way to help you make a more informed, confident decision about your care. All from the comfort of home. Without the cost or hassle of travel. Virtual Second Opinions (VSO) by Cleveland Clinic is delivered by The Clinic, a joint venture between Cleveland Clinic and Amwell, a global leader in telehealth.

Why Choose Virtual Second Opinions by Cleveland Clinic?

Virtual second opinions provide something invaluable: peace of mind

But what’s a virtual second opinion? A second opinion is a way to get more information about a condition, treatment option or procedure from an expert — and when it’s virtual, you can do it all without leaving home. No travel time, record-collecting, or hunting down the best specialists needed. With virtual second opinions, you’ll be more informed and equipped to move forward.

67% of virtual second opinions recommend a diagnosis or a change in treatment plan.

When Should I Consider a Second Opinion?

A second opinion can be a good option when you’re:

  • Diagnosed with a serious condition.
  • Told you need to have surgery or a procedure.
  • Considering a possibly risky treatment.
  • Experiencing a condition is changing and possibly getting worse.
  • Confused about or struggling with a medical challenge.

How do Virtual Second Opinions by Cleveland Clinic Work?

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1. Registration and live intake visit with a nurse care manager:

After you create an account through our secure portal, you’ll have a live video visit with your nurse care manager (U.S. only). They'll take it from there and get you on your path to peace of mind.

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2. Records collection and expedited matching:

The next step is all about getting the information we need to help you. With your consent, we do all the work of collecting your medical records and then match you with a Cleveland Clinic specialist in just a few days. We make this possible weeks sooner than it might be in-person.

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3. Expert second opinion:

Your second opinion will be delivered in a written report and an optional virtual visit with the Cleveland Clinic provider (virtual visit not available in all locations).

Choose What’s Right for You

When you receive your VSO it’ll be in a written report outlining your expert provider’s recommendations. Depending on your location, you may have the option to include a virtual visit (video or phone) with the Cleveland Clinic provider to review those recommendations.

Included with your Virtual Second Opinion Written Report Virtual Visit + Written Report
Live Intake with Nurse
Concierge Record Collection
Dedicated Nurse
Written Report by Cleveland Clinic Physician
Follow-up questions
Virtual Visit with Cleveland Clinic Physician  
Flat Fee $1,690 $1,890


Is this program available everywhere in the U.S.?

Virtual second opinions are available for people in most states.

Virtual visit + written report and the written report options are available in these states: Ariz., Calif., Colo., Conn., Fla., Ga., lll., Ind., Ky., Mich., N.C., N.J., N.Y, Ohio, Pa., Tenn., Texas, Va., Wisc., W.V. In rare cases, a virtual visit with the Cleveland Clinic provider may not be possible. In these cases, you will receive the written report and be refunded the price difference of $200.

Written Report option is available in these states: Alaska, Ala., Ark., D.C., Del., Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Kan., La., Mass., Md., Minn., Mo., Miss., Mont, N.D., Neb., N.H., N.M., Nev., Okla., Ore., Utah, Vt., Wash., Wyo.

If you live in Maine, R.I., S.C. and S.D, VSO is not an option. While we are working hard to make our services available everywhere, if you currently live in one of these four states, you may seek an in-person second opinion at one of Cleveland Clinic’s locations.

Does health insurance cover this service?

No, insurance does not typically cover this concierge second opinion service. The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic team cannot file a claim with your insurance carrier or provide a procedure (CPT) code for our service.

However, if your employer offers this service as part of your benefits package, the service may be of no or lower cost to you. Please check with your employer.

You may also be able to pay with your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA). If you are not sure if you have an FSA or HSA, please contact your employer or insurance provider.

Do you accept Medicare?

We expect that the services provided by The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic, a separate entity from Cleveland Clinic, are not covered by Medicare or certain commercial insurance as they do not meet the prescribed criteria for reimbursable services or are otherwise omitted from coverage. If you are a Medicare participant, you can obtain a virtual second opinion by The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic as a self-paid service but agree not to otherwise bill or attempt to get reimbursement from Medicare.

Can I get a virtual second opinion if I don’t live in the U.S.?

Absolutely. We welcome international patients and we’re happy to provide you with an expert second opinion. The all-inclusive cost for a virtual second opinion for patients outside of the U.S. is $2,500 (USD).

International patients upload their medical records in English through our secure online platform.

Our international service is not available in the following countries: Australia, China, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Iran, North Korea, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russian Federation, Sweden, and Turkey.

You may also obtain an international second opinion if you are in these U.S. territories: American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

Get started.

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