Payment Options

Cleveland Clinic has a variety of options for patients to make payments on their bill. See the list below to find the most convenient choice for you.
Cleveland Clinic Payment Options

Cleveland Clinic Payment Options

Pay Electronically

Cleveland Clinic offers the ability for patients to make payments electronically. MyAccount™ users can view their bill and make a payment online. Also, the QuickPay feature is available for those who are not enrolled.

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Pay by Phone: 1.866.621.6385

Patients can also make a payment on their bill by using our automated phone system 24/7. Follow the recorded prompts to reach the automated payment line. Make sure you have your account number ready.

Speak to a Customer Service Representative: 1.866.621.6385

A Customer Service representative is available to accept payment on a patient account. Cleveland Clinic Customer Service is open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST. Please have your account number ready.

Zero Interest Payment Options

Not all patients are able to pay their out of pocket medical expenses upon receipt of their billing statement. Cleveland Clinic is pleased to provide you with alternate payment options.

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Billing Financial Assistance

Cleveland Clinic is a participant in the Ohio Hospital Care Assurance (HCAP) program. We also provide financial assistance for emergency and other medically necessary care as a discount from our normal charges if your family income does not exceed four times the Federal Poverty Guidelines and you are a resident of the state in which you are seeking care (OH, FL or NV).

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