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Breast Reconstruction

At Cleveland Clinic, our unique team approach and the collaboration between breast surgeons and plastic surgeons make it possible for you to have mastectomy and reconstruction at the same time. Or you may choose to have reconstruction months or even years after your mastectomy. Deciding if or when to have breast reconstruction is intensely personal. The long-term prospect of living without a breast or part of a breast affects each woman differently.

Following a mastectomy, patients have a wide variety of sometimes confusing reconstructive options. The breast can be reconstructed using their own natural tissue (referred to as autologous reconstruction) or using implants or expanders. The decision is determined based on a patient's personal desire, cancer staging, as well as body and health condition. Both implant-based and autologous procedures have advantages and drawbacks, and both types of reconstruction may be compromised by subsequent radiation therapy. It is imperative that consultation with a plastic surgeon early in the treatment planning, as part of multi-disciplinary breast cancer team, is important for women considering reconstruction. Most of the reconstructive efforts would require stages of operation and they are coordinated along with the cancer treatment.

Our team in Cleveland Clinic’s Comprehensive Breast Center Program offers a wealth of experience in this specialized care. Providing not only a high quality of medical care, but also the individualized attention you need to weigh your options.