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Cleveland Clinic Cancer Advances Podcast

Cancer Advances

A Cleveland Clinic podcast for medical professionals exploring the latest innovative research and clinical advances in the field of oncology.
Shahzad Raza, MD

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Decoding Smoldering Multiple Myeloma

Hematologist, Shahzad Raza, MD, joins the Cancer Advances Podcast to talk about the evolving understanding of smoldering multiple myeloma. Listen as Dr. Raza discusses the challenges in risk stratification, complexities of treatment decisions, and the need for close patient monitoring and education.

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All Cancer Advances Episodes

All Cancer Advances Episodes

February 15, 2024

Vital Role of Oncology Rehabilitation

The Cancer Advances podcast is joined by Dr. Eileen Slavin, DO, a physiatrist specializing in oncology rehabilitation, to discuss the important role of oncology rehabilitation services in cancer recovery. Listen as Dr. Slavin explains the significance of prehabilitation, collaboration with physical therapy and palliative care, and how the field is evolving.

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February 8, 2024

Advances in Mantle Cell Lymphoma Treatment

Brian T. Hill, MD, PhD, Co-Director of the Lymphoid Malignancies Program at Cleveland Clinic, joins the Cancer Advances Podcast to discuss advances in mantle cell lymphoma. Listen as Dr. Hill highlights current treatments and how promising strategies like BTK inhibitors and CAR T-cell therapy are being used. He also addresses challenges such as TP-53 mutations, discusses potential advancements, and emphasizes the importance of individualized treatment approaches.

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February 1, 2024

Virtual Anemia Clinic

Mailey Wilks, CNP, APP manager at the Taussig Cancer Center, and Heather Koniarczyk, CNP, Director of Advanced Practice, join the Cancer Advances Podcast to discuss the implementation and success of a Virtual Anemia Clinic. The clinic was developed to address the increased demand for anemia consult requests and aim to reduce average wait times. Listen as they explain how the virtual platform allows for convenient and timely consultations, a 70% retention rate, and the plans for future expansions.

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January 25, 2024

Evolution of Gamma Knife Technology

Associate Director of the Gamma Knife Center at Cleveland Clinic, Samuel Chao, MD, joins the Cancer Advances Podcast to talk about the evolution of gamma knife technology. Listen as Dr. Chao takes us through gamma knife's history, the current advantages and considerations, as well as potential future advances in the field.

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