Our comprehensive Lung Cancer Program brings together a multidisciplinary team of medical oncologists, pulmonologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, thoracic surgeons, and thoracic radiologists who collaborate to provide customized, coordinated care for patients. This collaborative approach allows us to focus our entire team’s expertise and energy on providing the best strategies for diagnosing and treating our patients.

While there is no one solution for treating lung cancer, there are many options. We customize our patients’ lung cancer treatment, allowing them to enjoy the best quality of life possible. Some patients may be eligible to participate in clinical trials which offer lung cancer patients options and access to the latest treatments and procedures. With innovative treatments from chemo-radiation therapy to robotic surgical options, and excellent outcomes, Cleveland Clinic lung cancer specialists are nationally recognized.

Recognition & Outcomes


Cleveland Clinic is recognized in the U.S. and throughout the world for its expertise and care.


Cleveland Clinic provides data regarding patient volumes, treatment outcomes, surgical and medical trends, and innovations for patients and physicians.

The Society of Thoracic Surgeons employs a comprehensive rating system that allows for comparisons regarding the quality of thoracic surgery among hospitals across the country. The latest database analysis covers the three-year period from January 2016 through December 2018, for which Cleveland Clinic achieved a three-star (highest) rating in lobectomy, a treatment for lung cancer.

Recent Lung Cancer Advances at Cleveland Clinic

New Techniques May Help Some Lung Cancer Patients Beat the Disease Earlier

Recently, U.S. News talked to Dr. Nathan Pennell, Director of the Lung Cancer Medical Oncology Program, and Dr. Daniel Raymond, a thoracic surgeon in the Lung Cancer Program, to discuss how new advances in lung cancer treatment that are leading to better results for patients through research-driven innovation.

What We Treat Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Support & Services

Support & Services

Patient Services

In addition to offering state of the art diagnostic techniques and lung cancer treatment methods, our specialists also offer an array of resources that can help patients cope with the demands of cancer. Patients are encouraged to take advantage of these resources to ease the burden of managing cancer.

Clinical Trials & Research

Clinical Trials & Research

Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center clinical trials offer patients important treatment options and access to the latest treatments and procedures resulting from cancer research.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials (or research studies) help us create the medicine of tomorrow. They provide hope through offering testing of new drugs, new surgical techniques or other treatments before they are widely available.

We can help you access hundreds of clinical trials across all specialty areas. Our new searchable online trials tool makes identifying treatment opportunities easier than ever.

Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center is committed to working with you to provide the best care for your patients. Our team is also dedicated to the training and education of medical professionals to advance cancer care and research.

View our For Medical Professionals resources

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