Cleveland Clinic’s Head and Neck Cancer Program includes medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and head and neck surgeons who work together to develop an optimal treatment plan for each patient that will be most likely to preserve the patient's long-term quality of life. This means that in addition to recommending a treatment most likely to result in a cure, they consider the option that will have the least effect on important functions and on appearance.

Treatment is complemented by multiple services that help support quality of life. These include speech and swallowing therapists to help patients regain lost function, dental experts to help preserve dental health and function, and nutritional therapists to ensure patients with swallowing challenges maintain a healthy weight.

At Cleveland Clinic, the comprehensive, individualized treatment plan designed for each patient is based on sound scientific evidence. Our multidisciplinary tumor board discusses each individual case to determine the best combination of treatments for the patient. 

While there are many head and neck cancer treatment options, it is important to consider the experience of the physicians treating your cancer. Cleveland Clinic is recognized in the U.S. and throughout the world for its expertise and care.

As national leaders in the treatment of head and neck cancer, Cleveland Clinic physicians carefully document the effect of treatment on each patient. This outcomes research enables them to determine the most effective and least toxic treatments. As a result, we have been able to dramatically reduce the side effects of treatment without compromising cure rates.

Our head and neck cancer specialists form a multidisciplinary team based on the patient’s needs. In addition to medical oncology and radiation oncology, your care team may also include members from:

What We Treat Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Support & Services

Support & Services

In addition to offering state of the art diagnostic techniques and head and neck cancer treatment methods, our specialists also offer an array of resources that can help patients cope with the demands of cancer. Patients are encouraged to take advantage of these resources to ease the burden of managing cancer.

Clinical Trials & Research

Clinical Trials & Research

Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center clinical trials offer patients important treatment options and access to the latest treatments and procedures resulting from cancer research.

Clinical trials (or research studies) help us create the medicine of tomorrow. They provide hope through offering testing of new drugs, new surgical techniques or other treatments before they are widely available.

We can help you access hundreds of clinical trials across all specialty areas. Our new searchable online trials tool makes identifying treatment opportunities easier than ever.

Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center is committed to working with you to provide the best care for your patients. Our team is also dedicated to the training and education of medical professionals to advance cancer care and research.

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