You’ll find brain, spine and nerve specialists right here in Akron.

At Akron General, our team of highly skilled neurologists and neurosurgeons treat complex conditions — like back pain, spinal cord injury, brain tumors, aneurysms, epilepsy and seizures, traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke and more.

These specialists will work together and with you to craft a personalized treatment plan to match your needs. This plan may include medication, therapy or surgery. If surgery is part of your treatment, Akron General offers minimally invasive and robot-assisted options, which can mean shorter recovery times.

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What We Treat Services


At Akron General, our experts do highly specialized neurosurgical procedures to treat back, neck, spine, brain and nerve conditions. Learn about the services we provide for spine surgery, brain tumors, cerebrovascular surgery, stroke care, epilepsy and more.

Minimally Invasive & Robotic Spine Surgery

Our specialists, recognized in neurosurgery and orthopaedic surgery, provide patients with the latest, most innovative and effective surgical treatments available for back problems. A minimally invasive and robotic spine surgery approach may be used for patients with lumbar and cervical disc herniation, spinal stenosis, age-related wear on spinal discs, bones in the spine that slip out of place and disc degeneration.

Minimally invasive and robotic spine surgery offer several advantages over open surgery, including:

  • Minimally disrupting the normal tissues (muscles, ligaments, etc.).
  • A few tiny scars instead of one large scar.
  • Shorter hospital stay.
  • Reduced postoperative pain.
  • Shorter recovery time.
  • Less blood loss during surgery.

Our team evaluates each patient and their condition to determine the best form of treatment, whether it be minimally invasive surgery and/or robotic spine surgery.

Meet the team:

Scott Brigeman, MD
Keegan Conroy, MD
Gregory Hawryluk, MD, PhD

Jacob Hoffmann, MD
Enyinna Nwachuku, MD
Gordon Preston, DO
Sarah Woodrow, MD

To refer a patient, call 330.665.4100.

Brain Tumors & Other Neurosurgical Conditions

Akron General’s skilled neurosurgeons, oncologists and radiation oncologists treat cancerous and noncancerous brain tumors, lesions and other serious conditions affecting your brain and nervous system.

Often, these tumors and lesions are in hard-to-reach areas surrounded by delicate nerves and arteries. If this is the case, we may recommend Gamma Knife® surgery instead of traditional, open surgery. This minimally invasive procedure uses high-energy radiation to pinpoint the tumors and destroy them or keep them from growing without hurting nearby, healthy brain tissue.

We offer this procedure at Cleveland Clinic’s Main Campus. And we’ll care for you before and after surgery at Akron General.

Gamma Knife surgery may be an effective treatment option if you have:

Meet the team:

Scott Brigeman, MD
Gregory Hawryluk, MD, PhD
Ghassan Khayyat, MD
Daria Krivosheya, MD
Enyinna Nwachuku, MD
Praveen Pendyala, MD

To refer a patient, call 330.665.4100.

Learn more about Gamma Knife surgery.

Cerebrovascular & Stroke Care

At Akron General, our team of cerebrovascular and stroke experts work closely together to care for you.


Our specialists use the latest tests to diagnose cerebrovascular conditions as quickly as possible.

Our board-certified and fellowship-trained providers are experts in the brain’s blood vessels (cerebrovascular system) and treat everything from carotid artery stenosis to complex brain aneurysms. They use the most innovative technologies and minimally invasive techniques for aneurysm coiling, carotid stenting, arteriovenous malformation embolization and other elective procedures.

Depending on your specific condition, your treatment may include everything from observation and lifestyle modifications to surgery and follow-up care.

Stroke Care

Akron General is certified as an Advanced Thrombectomy-Capable Stroke Center.

If you have a stroke, getting treatment as quickly as possible is key. So, when you arrive at Akron General, our stroke neurologists will work fast to restore circulation or reduce blood pressure for ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes and transient ischemic attacks (TIAs or mini-strokes).

Your treatment will depend on the type of stroke you had and how much time has passed since your symptoms began.

Follow-up care after a stroke is crucial to your recovery — especially since having a stroke puts you at a greater risk for another one. Your healthcare team will talk with you about ways to manage your health and maximize your recovery with things like lifestyle changes, medications and rehabilitation.

Meet the team:

Khaled Asi, MD
Abeer Farrag, MD
Ahmed Itrat, MD
Yousef Mohammad, MD
Jenny Tsai, MD
Stephany Hollaender, CNP
Erika Mikula, CNP

To refer a patient for cerebrovascular surgery, call 216.636.5860.

Epilepsy and Seizures

From diagnosis to lifelong management of your epilepsy, our goal at Akron General is to help our patients break free from seizures. Our skilled team supports over 10,000 children and adults with epilepsy and seizures, handling everything from the most common to the most complex.

We provide comprehensive care from diagnosis to long-term management, aided by a 7-bed Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, open 24/7 for real-time seizure detection. Using monitoring and advanced AI, we pinpoint seizure sources to deliver personalized care.

Meet the team:

Raed Azzam, MD
Krishna Mourya Galla, MD
Maksim Parfyonov, MD

To refer a patient, call 216.636.6850.

Learn more about epilepsy and treatment.

Neurological Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Akron General’s ICU is specifically for patients who are recovering or suffering from strokes or other life-threatening neurological diseases and injuries, including traumatic brain injury, brain surgery, coma and injuries to the spine. The Neurological ICU has a highly trained staff that includes neurological nurses and medical, surgical and neurological intensive care physicians. Learn more.

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Our Team



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