Why Donate

Why Donate

Why Donate to Cleveland Clinic Akron General?

Helping, healing and making a difference in the lives of others are at the heart of healthcare and the work of the Akron General Foundation. We are a 501-C3 tax-exempt organization, which encourages and accepts gifts made to Cleveland Clinic Akron General, Lodi Hospital and Justin T. Rogers Hospice Care Center.

These charitable donations can express gratitude for excellent care received; gifts that honor a friend, relative or caregiver, go toward research for diseases such as cancer and heart disease; or gifts that in other ways invite you to play a part in improving the health of our community.

When you donate to Akron General, whether to our hospitals or other health system members, one hundred percent of your designated contribution goes directly to the programs and services that serve our patients and their families. Charitable hospital donations go toward research and education along with helping people with illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. All donations raised locally stay local to support Akron General.

Charitable hospital donations benefit patients and the health our communities by:

  • Offering patients dynamic programs and services
  • Investing in the latest technology
  • Making capital improvements to enhance the environments of our hospital
  • Funding medical research
  • Ensuring ongoing education for healthcare professions
  • Providing valuable health information to our patients

Become part of our mission and vision by joining the Akron General family of friends and supporters.

Learn how you can:

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Campaign

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Campaign

Many Akron residents live without reliable access to essential healthcare services such as primary care, chronic disease management and prenatal wellness, highlighting the disparities in healthcare access. Neighbor-to-Neighbor – a new fundraising effort – aims to change this reality.

This initiative, led by Cleveland Clinic Akron General, will increase access to healthcare for residents across Summit County. Your support will create or expand needed healthcare services such as:

  • A COVID-19 testing site, located in downtown Akron, in partnership with United Way.
  • Community health programs that provide free health screenings and address Akron’s infant mortality crisis.
  • Education for family physicians with an emphasis on social determinants of health.
  • Expanded wrap-around support for patients, such as follow-up calls from social workers and nurses from Akron General’s Center for Family Medicine.

By supporting Neighbor-to-Neighbor, your gift makes a direct impact in our community for the lives of so many. 

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