Time is Brain: Revolutionizing Stroke Care

The type of stroke Rhonda Hodge survived has a 50 to 60% mortality rate. Fortunately for Rhonda, her husband’s quick action in calling 911, rapid emergency response and efficient treatment at Cleveland Clinic Tradition Hospital, meant that she could go home from the hospital three days later to resume a life of independence and good health.

Specialists at Tradition Hospital were ready to accurately diagnose the type of stroke and design an effective treatment plan within minutes. Rhonda received clot-busting IV medication within 28 minutes of arrival. The time from door to start of thrombectomy (removing the clot) was 71 minutes and her door to reperfusion (clot removed and blood flow restored to her brain) was 82 minutes.

People are overcoming conditions that used to be considered catastrophic in every instance, including stroke, and living with better quality of life after these life-changing medical emergencies.

More than 600 people received treatment for stroke at Tradition Hospital in 2023, making the hospital’s Comprehensive Stroke Center one of the busiest for emergency stroke treatment in the area – and the best equipped. New, high-tech imaging and neuroendovascular operating rooms enhance the care stroke patients receive.

These new technologies equip surgeons with unparalleled precision and control during complex neurosurgical procedures, including stroke interventions.

A leader in neurosurgical innovation

A grand opening celebration was held on April 18 to commemorate Tradition Hospital’s new neurosurgery and neuro endovascular operating rooms and suites. More than 50 guests attended, including Councilman Anthony Bonna; Commissioner the Honorable Thomas Epsky; and Chair and Vice-Chair of the Martin Memorial Health Systems Board of Trustees William Lichtenberger and Theora “Bunny” Webb. Chirag Choudhary, MD, newly appointed Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Tradition Hospital, also attended.

“The collaborative environment of the hybrid OR allows our neurosurgeons, neuroendovascular surgeons and vascular surgeons to work together in real-time,” says Oszkar Szentirmai, MD, Cleveland Clinic Martin Health Center Director Neuroscience Institute and Chief of Neurosurgery. “This improves patient outcomes through better communication and immediate decision-making.”

With new capabilities, Tradition Hospital, part of Cleveland Clinic Martin Health, continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering innovative medical care to patients and become a leader in neurosurgical innovation.

“These are significant advancements in medical technology that allow for more precise and less invasive procedures,” says Jeffrey Miller, MD, Cleveland Clinic Martin Health Director of Endovascular Neurosurgery. “For our patients, it means less time spent in the hospital and an overall enhanced recovery process.”

In the past year, Cleveland Clinic Martin Health launched several acute interventional and preventive clinical trials in ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, supported and funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

“These clinical trials offer an opportunity for our Treasure Coast community to have access to the newest advances in science and protocols in the management of devastating neurological disease,” says Marc Babi, MD, Cleveland Clinic Florida, Section Chief of Neuro Intensive Care and Principal Investigator of those trials.

Florida residents of Stuart, Jensen Beach, Port St. Lucie and surrounding counties benefit from unparalleled precision during complex neurosurgical procedures; collaborative work in real-time; more precise and less invasive procedures; less time spent in the hospital and better recovery.

Learn more about innovative stroke care and neurological services at Cleveland Clinic in Florida here.

Did you know?

In 2023, Tradition Hospital received certification from DNV, a leading independent expert in assurance and risk management, as a Comprehensive Stroke Center, reflecting the highest level of competence for treatment of serious stroke events. The certification means Tradition Hospital has not only the clinicians and resources, but also the ability to act organizationally with extreme efficiency because of the time-critical nature of stroke events. This certification from DNV validates all the effort we have put into this program and to ensuring the health and safety of our patients. The DNV Comprehensive Stroke Center Certification is based on standards set forth by the Brain Attack Coalition and the American Stroke Association and affirms that Tradition Hospital addresses the full spectrum of stroke care – diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and education – and establishes clear metrics to evaluate outcomes.