Florida Brothers Share a Head for Business and a Heart for Giving

Mauricio and Eduardo Gruener are not only brothers and best friends, but business partners, as co-founders and co-CEOs of Miami-based GFG Holdings.

To say they do everything together is no understatement. The brothers even schedule their executive health appointments at Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital on the same day so that they can enjoy lunch together between consults and diagnostic tests.

That’s why it’s no surprise that together the two recently pledged their support of Cleveland Clinic’s mission and strategic priorities at Weston Hospital bolstered by a significant financial gift.

Giving Priorities

As philanthropic partners, the brothers prioritize helping others by supporting education and healthcare organizations and initiatives. With a goal of improving people’s health, saving lives and helping their community, they’re united in supporting Cleveland Clinic and making it easier for the caregivers to do their jobs.

The Grueners’ gift has already been put to work supporting an Imaging Innovations symposium on artificial intelligence, led by Jacobo Kirsch, MD, MBA, FACR, Regional Institute Chair of Imaging for Cleveland Clinic in Florida, and Howard Chen, MD, MBA, Enterprise Director for Imaging Informatics.

“We rely on the generosity of individuals like Mauricio and Eduardo who make it possible for Cleveland Clinic to advance medical care,” says Dr. Kirsch. “Our educational events help our caregivers in Florida and Ohio to push the limits of science.”

Their gift will also support expansion of the outpatient surgery center on the Weston campus.

“Our center has experienced a 40% increase in procedures over the past two years, with 3,600 procedures performed each year,” notes F. Scott Ross, MD, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital. He was present for the unveiling ceremony, when the center was designated the Mauricio and Eduardo Gruener Family Outpatient Surgery Center, in honor of the brothers’ gift.

“It’s important that we can continue to grow to meet the needs of our patients and the communities we serve,” he says.

Personal Experience

The Grueners have been Cleveland Clinic patients for nearly two decades. According to Mauricio, they are contributing to Cleveland Clinic so that others can benefit from the quality care they’ve received over the years. They are also grateful for the care their father received when he was hospitalized for nearly a month in 2021 with severe gallbladder disease and a blocked biliary duct.

"Cleveland Clinic is more than a medical institution for us; it's a beacon of hope and excellence," Mauricio reflects. "It saved our dad's life. The care he received from the dedicated doctors and nurses felt like the support of an extended family. Our father's remarkable recovery is a testament to the Clinic's world-class expertise and commitment to community health, a source of immense pride and security for our family."

“Our father was in the right place with the right doctors,” agrees Eduardo. “We are immensely grateful to have Cleveland Clinic in our community. The caregivers there are not only among the best doctors and nurses in their respective fields but also incredible human beings who really care for the well-being of their patients.”

Eduardo has a unique insight into Cleveland Clinic’s vital role in the community as a member of the Weston Hospital Board of Trustees. "I was invited to join the board at the height of the pandemic and I accepted because I wanted to contribute to an institution that has a profound impact on our community's well-being and health, and one that has the ability to touch millions of lives," he says.

“Cleveland Clinic’s leadership within the healthcare industry is indisputable and it permeates across the entire organization,” Eduardo adds. “Mauricio and I are committed to the Cleveland Clinic vision and want to support its mission.”

A Wealth of Success

Both brothers know what it takes to build and sustain a strong organization.

Born in Mexico City, Mauricio and Eduardo moved with their family to the United States as teenagers. They lived in San Diego and attended the University of California San Diego, where Mauricio studied finance and economics, and Eduardo studied finance and applied math. They pursued independent careers in New York City, the former in wealth management and the latter in investment banking and mergers and acquisitions.

Eventually the brothers realized they could create a better, more responsive wealth management firm together. This led to the launch of Miami-based GFG Capital in 2003. But that was just the beginning of their business partnership and the fulfillment of a childhood dream.

Today the brothers co-lead a conglomerate of successful companies that spans real estate investment banking, asset management, personal finance management and private equity, among others.

“Much like our business philosophy of giving clients the same experience we would want for our own families, we recognize that same approach at Cleveland Clinic,” Mauricio observes. “They treat patients like family.”

According to the brothers, aligning their professional ethos, which combines achievement in business with meaningful contributions to society, with the Clinic’s innovative role in healthcare is a source of profound fulfillment and motivation for them both.

“Mauricio and Eduardo's significant support for Cleveland Clinic, particularly the expansion of the outpatient surgery center, underscores their commitment to the enhancement of healthcare services and their dedication to fostering a future where advanced healthcare is accessible to all in our community,” adds Dr. Ross. “Their involvement goes beyond financial support, embodying a partnership that champions innovation, excellence and compassionate care at the heart of medical practice.”