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Diagnostics & Testing

The right diagnosis is critical to epilepsy treatment, particularly because seizures can be caused by other conditions that require different treatments.

History Physical Examination History Physical Examination

An early step in diagnosis, doctors test movement, sensation, vision, hearing, language and cognition.

Outpatient EEG Studies Outpatient EEG Studies

The EEG measures brain wave activity and is often used to investigate a patient's history of seizures.

Epilepsy Neuroimaging Epilepsy Neuroimaging

Neuroimaging includes the use of various techniques to either directly or indirectly image the structure and function of the brain.

Epilepsy Neuroimaging Epilepsy Neuroimaging

Learn about the laboratory tests often done to help diagnose and manage epilepsy.

Confirm Epilepsy Diagnosis Confirm Epilepsy Diagnosis

How your doctor confirms a diagnosis of epilepsy and begins to consider treatment options.

Presurgical Evaluation Process Presurgical Evaluation Process

When is surgery a recommended treatment for epilepsy? Learn about the specific criteria that makes surgery a recommended treatment.

Epilepsy Monitoring Units Epilepsy Monitoring Units

Epilepsy Monitoring Units for adults and children monitor brain activity around the clock.

MEG Test MEG Test

A MEG scan is noninvasive, painless and safe for all ages, with no injections, radioactivity or strong magnetic fields.

Neuropsychological Testing Neuropsychological Testing

Testing that helps doctors assess cognitive difficulties patients experience as a result of their seizures.

Wada Test Wada Test

This test determines where your brain controls language and memory functions.

Patient Management Conference Patient Management Conference

A multidisciplinary group gathers to review and discuss all the data collected about each patient to consider individualized treatment.


The stereo-electroencephalography (SEEG) test offers hope for patients with severe epileptic seizures

Invasive EEG Monitoring Invasive EEG Monitoring

Testing that helps doctors assess cognitive difficulties patients experience as a result of their seizures.

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