Virtual visits can help you save valuable time by letting you receive care from your healthcare team using your mobile device or computer. If you receive a prescription at the end of your virtual visit, it can be sent directly to your local pharmacy that is most convenient for you.

Many Cleveland Clinic providers offer a variety of virtual scheduled visits, including regular follow-up, pre and post-op, pre and post natal check-in, triage visits, pre-visit information sessions, medication review, genetic counseling, infectious disease visits prior to travelling, etc.

Despite the challenges presented by the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, know that we're still always here for you — making sure you have a way to schedule virtual visits with your healthcare providers.

What options can I use for virtual visits?

Most scheduled virtual visits are currently offered by Cleveland Clinic providers through the secure MyChart platform. Should your provider offer a different option, you will receive detailed information and instructions regarding your upcoming virtual visit.

Is my virtual visit covered by insurance?

Most insurance companies are paying for virtual visits for COVID-19 positive diagnoses; for these, Cleveland Clinic will waive financial responsibility you may have.

For services for non-COVID-19 positive diagnoses, some insurance companies are paying for virtual visits; for these, Cleveland Clinic will only bill you for your financial responsibility after we have billed your insurance. Insurance companies are beginning to change their coverage of virtual visits for non-COVID-19-related symptoms, so it is best to confirm your benefits with your insurance company prior to care.

Facility fees also apply to scheduled virtual visits. Virtual visit facility fees support the necessary digital health technology and healthcare services of a provider, which would otherwise be delivered in an outpatient setting. The way your insurance covers facility and/or treatment room charges will be different, based on whether you have insurance through your employer, another insurance company or if you are covered by Medicare.

Virtual visits are still an option for you, even if your insurance company does not cover it.

How do I schedule a virtual visit?

If you think virtual visits may be right for you, please contact your Cleveland Clinic provider’s office.

Can someone else join my scheduled virtual visit?

The app allows a patient's family member, caregiver or translator to participate to their virtual visit in real time.

Need help getting started with a video visit?

View our step-by-step instructions to help you prepare for your upcoming scheduled virtual visit.