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Epilepsy Center

Cleveland Clinic has one of the largest,
most comprehensive programs in the world
for the evaluation and medical and surgical
treatment of epilepsy in children and adults.

About Epilepsy Center
Learn about the epilepsy center and our services, including those for children.
Diseases & Conditions
Learn about the different types of epilepsy and related conditions.
Diagnostics & Testing
Find out how we leverage technology and experience to map the brain’s electrical activity and localize the seizure source.
Treatments & Services
Various epilepsy treatment options exist for controlling and preventing seizures. Learn about the options as well as treatment outcomes.
Our Doctors & Care Providers
Find Cleveland Clinic epilepsy specialists in Cleveland, Ohio, and Weston, Florida.
What you need to know about making an appointment or referral, including contact information and what to expect.
Research & Innovations
Explore clinical trials and research to further the treatment of epilepsy.
Patient Education
Be informed about epilepsy, from diagnosis to treatment options. Find tips for living with this condition and resources for support.
For Medical Professionals
Learn from our coordinated, multidisciplinary team with a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge in adult and pediatric epilepsy.

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Epilepsy Education

Epilepsy Patient Stories

Patient Resources

Becoming a Patient

Adult and pediatric patients come to Cleveland Clinic from all over the world for medical and surgical treatment of epilepsy. Learn how to become a patient.

    Patient Downloads

    For further information, select from our list of free epilepsy related educational brochures and fact sheets.

    MyEpilepsy App | Cleveland Clinic


    Epilepsy Innovations: New Advances in Epilepsy Treatment Options

    Jorge Alvaro Gonzalez-Martinez, MD, Cleveland Clinic Neurosurgery Specialist

    Cleveland Clinic Guide to Epilepsy

    The Cleveland Clinic Guide to  Epilepsy, written by Elaine Wyllie, MD, is available for purchase online at This guide book is a one-stop source of trusted information, clearly explaining epilepsy and how to maximize care and treatment. 


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