We believe in the transformative power of movement. Our Movement and Performance services are catered to individuals of all ages and abilities.

Whether you are just starting out, an accomplished athlete, or on the path to recovery, our expert coaches specialize in crafting safe and effective exercise programs. Utilizing the latest research and innovative testing, we tailor each program to maximize your results. Your initial exercise consultation is thoughtfully structured to identify the services that align best with your fitness and movement objectives and match a member of our highly qualified team to your needs.

We offer private or semi-private sessions as well as small group classes, available both in-person and virtually, to accommodate your preferences and schedule. Our team fosters a supportive environment where you can thrive as you reach your goals.

If you are recovering from an injury or experiencing pain with movement, we will collaborate with our sports rehabilitation team to ensure a holistic and effective approach.

Our programs offer many benefits that extend far beyond physical fitness. They include:

  • Improve movement quality and coordination.
  • Reduce risk of injury.
  • Complement rehabilitation programs (physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage).
  • Address weight-related goals.
  • Enhance athletic performance or overall fitness.
  • Increase strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.
  • Manage stress, improve sleep, mental health, and self-esteem.
  • Reduce cardiovascular and metabolic disease risk.
  • Find relief from pain and improve your overall health and well-being.

Movement and Performance Services

Personal Training

Our team of movement specialists, personal trainers, exercise physiologists, and registered kinesiologists utilize movement screens and testing to evaluate your fitness level. This assessment guides evidence-based recommendations aimed at optimizing your health and performance. Addressing biomechanical limitations and establishing correct movement patterns with your coach will help lay the groundwork for improvements in critical areas such as balance, coordination, exercise capacity, strength, muscular endurance, and power.

Yoga and Movement Therapy

Yoga and movement therapy integrates yoga principles with therapeutic techniques to improve physical health (flexibility, strength, balance, pain relief), mental well-being (stress reduction, anxiety, depression), fostering self-awareness and empowerment through personalized support.

Breath training is integral to any comprehensive training program for multiple reasons involving stress reduction, recovery, strengthening core, improving mind-body connection, lung capacity, and energy management to ensure a balanced and effective fitness approach.

Performance Testing

We offer performance testing tools including VO2max testing and DXA body composition scans to support your fitness and movement goals. Understanding your cardiovascular capacity and body composition will help complement your exercise program. Both are available at our downtown clinic.

  • VO2max Testing: We tailor training and track progress in your cardiovascular capacity through the VO2max test. The VO2max test is considered the gold standard when assessing your aerobic endurance.
  • DXA Body Composition Scans: Body composition insights through the DXA scan help us create a program targeting your specific needs and body re-composition goals. The Movement and Performance team works closely with registered dietitians to ensure each plan is tailored to the individual.

Take the First Step Towards a Healthier You

Ready to unlock your full potential and move with confidence? Contact the Movement and Performance team at mvp@ccf.org for more information. Let our experts guide you on your journey towards a healthier, stronger, and more fulfilling life.

*Participants in the Executive Health Program will receive an exercise consultation as part of their comprehensive evaluation.

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