The registered dietitians at Cleveland Clinic Canada are committed to providing patients with high quality, evidence based nutrition advice. There are many different ways to eat well and feel your best. We will help you find the way that suits you.

We will help you explore and compare different eating patterns, habits and food choices that affect your health and wellness. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, try a new diet, participate in sports or reduce your risk of disease, our nutrition team translates the latest evidenced-based research into real life practices to help you establish healthy and satisfying eating habits that help you feel your best for the long term.

Virtual Nutrition Coaching

Virtual nutrition coaching is convenient and customized to your needs.

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If you are interested in improving your diet, consider one of the following options:

*Participants in the Executive Health Program will receive a nutrition consultation as part of their comprehensive evaluation. If you’re interested in private nutrition counselling at Cleveland Clinic Canada, our team can assess your individual needs and provide one-on-one counselling for general nutrition or sports nutrition.

Who will benefit from this service?

Individuals searching to improve their nutritional needs as it relates to:

  • Bone health.
  • Bowel health.
  • Cancer prevention.
  • Cholesterol reduction.
  • Eating disorders.
  • General nutrition.
  • Heart health.
  • Sports performance.
  • Weight gain.
  • Weight management.
  • Weight reduction.

Are you covered?

Nutrition services are not covered by OHIP though may be fully or partially covered by extended health insurance plans. The coverage for each carrier is different; please check your plan to see what coverage is available for this type of service.

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What to Expect From a Nutrition Consultation

What to Expect From a Nutrition Consultation

Individual nutritional counselling

Our comprehensive nutrition assessment provides a thorough analysis of your current dietary habits and recommendations for improvement. Our dietitians will identify whether your current habits increase your risk of disease or contribute to secondary conditions you may be experiencing.

The assessment includes the following services:

  • Food Analysis - A thorough analysis of your diet, including:
    • Types of food you eat.
    • Timing of those foods.
    • Weight issues as a result of your food choices.
    • Issues such as energy, weight and body composition that may result from various food choices.
    • Relation of diet and illness.
  • Review of dietary supplements.
  • Evaluation of your current over-the-counter or prescription drugs and supplements and their interaction with certain foods.
  • Preparation of a customized balanced eating plan that takes into consideration your current lifestyle.

Individual sport nutrition counselling

Our comprehensive sport nutrition assessment is designed to provide you with a detailed plan to help you achieve your sports performance goals. Our registered dietitians will work closely with you to optimize your food intake as it relates to your sport-specific requirement.

The assessment includes the following:

  • Analyzing your food, including the timing and types of foods you consume; issues such as energy, weight and body composition that may result from various food choices; the relation of diet and illness; and how your diet may be impacting your risk of developing chronic disease.
  • Types of food you eat.
  • Timing of those foods.
  • Energy generated based on your food.
  • Review of your supplements.
  • Evaluation of your energy and macronutrient needs (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) for your level of activity, preferred ratios and isolating deficiencies.
  • Identification of underlying health issues that could impact your ability to train and compete.
  • Anemia.
  • Stress fractures.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Preparation of a customized balanced eating plan that takes into consideration your current lifestyle and schedule.

Resting (Basal) Metabolic Rate testing (RMR)

The resting metabolic rate test, a 15-minute non-invasive assessment, uses diagnostic technology to determine how many calories your body burns while at rest. The results of this test are fundamental for estimating how many calories you should be eating and helpful for those trying to manage their weight This test is also valuable for active individuals who want to know how to effectively eat for their sport. At the conclusion of the test, you will meet with a dietitian to discuss a customized meal plan based upon your energy requirements.



Have you ever wondered why it seems like you’re always hungry? Why you crave some foods more than others? Why you feel comforted when you have certain foods? It turns out that our overall health is determined by a complex interplay of genetics, lifestyle choices and environmental factors. 

Nutrigenomics is the science behind how genes and nutrition interact. Your genes predict how your body will respond to different nutrients, how you will perform and whether you will be more or less likely to develop disease, depending on which foods you eat. Nutrigenomics can explain why the same foods affect different people in different ways.

  • Evidence shows that one-size-fits-all nutrition recommendations are inefficient and often ineffective. Knowing your genetic variants can guide you to an eating pattern that meets your individual needs, and maximizes your health.    
  • At Cleveland Clinic Canada, we are happy to offer this cutting edge genetic analysis to our patients. We work with a lab called Nutrigenomix, where world-renowned researchers have developed a comprehensive 70-gene test that covers areas such as sport performance, fertility, plant-based eating, skin health and general health. 
  • Genetic analysis is the next frontier in personalized healthcare. Our test uses a simple saliva swab, and results come back in a few weeks. As the science evolves, more connections are made between genes, nutrition and wellness. 
  • The fee for Nutrigenomics testing includes a one-hour follow up appointment with Devon Peart, Registered Dietitian at Cleveland Clinic Canada. Devon will review your results, and develop a personalized nutrition plan to incorporate your recommended foods and optimize your overall health.  

Are you covered?

Nutrigenomics testing is not covered by OHIP, though may be partially or fully covered by extended health insurance plans or your organization. The coverage for each carrier and organization is different, so please check your plan to see what coverage is available for this type of service.

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