What is a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists are experts in the science of movement. They work with you to pinpoint the root causes of an injury. In Ontario, a physiotherapist has obtained a graduate degree (or equivalent), plus specialized training in physiotherapy.

When should I see a physiotherapist?

If you have an injury or chronic pain that affects how you function, a physiotherapist can help. They will work with you to treat sports injuries, acute, degenerative, and overuse joint and muscular problems, surgical rehabilitation, arthritis, concussion care, postural imbalances, and loss of mobility or strength. Physiotherapists will help you recover from injury and work on a plan for prevention of future re-injury. 

What can I expect?

Your session will be unique, because it is tailored you and your particular needs. In general, you can expect that your therapist will perform an assessment, diagnose your condition, create a treatment plan that includes your goals, and provide treatment. Treatment may include manual therapy, soft tissue mobilization, modalities (including ultrasound, electrodes, shockwave or acupuncture), gait training, bracing advice and exercise programs to address mobility, flexibility and strength.

Physiotherapy Assessment

A customized treatment plan to align with your health needs.

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Are you covered?

Physiotherapy services are not covered by OHIP, though may be partially or fully covered by extended health insurance plans. The coverage for each carrier is different; please check your plan to see what coverage is available for this type of service.

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