Osteoarthritis affects millions of people across Canada, preventing them from being active and doing the things they enjoy. The GLA:D™ Canada program is an education and exercise program which promotes independence in physical activity.

The GLA:D® program has helped thousands of people suffering from hip and knee osteoarthritis (OA) to manage their symptoms of pain and loss of function. The program reflects the latest OA research and has been developed based on feedback from people with OA, as well as healthcare professionals who provide care to individuals with mild to severe symptoms.

Results from participants show that the GLA:D™ Canada program is successfully supporting people with hip and knee OA, allowing them to manage their symptoms, improve their function and quality of life and increase their physical activity.

  • Over 30% of individuals experienced a marked improvement in activities of daily living and sports and recreation
  • Participants averaged a 15-29% improvement in pain
  • Over 45% of individuals experienced a marked improvement in quality of life

The six-week group program is offered both virtually or in-person and is exceptionally cost effective. It includes:

  • Two education sessions which teach participants about OA, including the degeneration process in the joint, how the GLA:D™ Canada program exercises improve joint stability and how to retain this improved joint stability through day-to-day self-management techniques.
  • Neuromuscular exercise sessions twice a week for six weeks to improve muscle control and stability of the joint, which leads to a reduction in symptoms and improved quality of life.

The majority of patients will be encouraged to attend these classes in a group session as the evidence shows that this results in the best improvements in symptoms. However, some individuals who are more active or have less ability to attend can receive the program on an individual basis. Each training session lasts 60 minutes and consists of three parts: warm up, circuit training and cool down.

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