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Employer Solutions

Healthy employees create healthy companies.

That's why Cleveland Clinic Canada offers a range of corporate health programs and services to help meet the individual needs of your business.

Why Choose Cleveland Clinic Canada

A company’s most valuable asset is its people. That’s why it’s so important to keep your employees healthy. Cleveland Clinic Canada leverages our expansive international network to deliver programs to help get – and keep – your employees healthy.

A recent Benefits Canada report shows that 91% of employees are more likely to be satisfied with their job if their company cares about their overall health and wellbeing.

Employee wellness programs not only improve employee health, but help your company’s bottom line. Through a variety of innovative programs, we can help you better manage organizational risk and create a safer, healthier and more productive workforce.

Whether you are looking for virtual care options, an online second opinion service, strategic advice or a head-to-toe tailored assessment for your employees, we are here to help.

Executive Health Program

Busy employees don’t always have the time to make their health a top priority. Our Executive Health Program offers your employees a streamlined, comprehensive and personalized healthcare assessment by one of our expert physicians.

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Virtual Care Solutions

When your employees are feeling sick but don’t want to wait to receive care or make the trip to a medical facility, Cleveland Clinic Canada’s Express Care® Online and TytoHome has them covered. Whether they have a sore throat, ear infection, common cold or other non-emergency condition, they can receive care from the comfort of their home or office, using their smartphones, tablets or computers. Providers are even able to prescribe medications and make referrals to specialists, when necessary. The TytoHome kit includes diagnostic tools to take their temperature, capture clinical-grade images of their ear, throat and skin, and listen to their heart, lungs and abdomen.

On-Site Virtual Clinic At Your Office

Turn any location at your office into a remote virtual clinic with TytoClinic™. TytoClinic is an easy and convenient way for employees to access quality medical care while on-site. Designed for use in the office, TytoClinic includes everything you need for a complete on-site medical clinic at an affordable cost. With TytoClinic, employees can connect with a Cleveland Clinic Canada clinician any time from the office for a medical grade remote exam, diagnosis and get a prescription, if needed. The TytoClinic includes the Tyto device and attachments, a tablet with the dedicated Tyto app, headphones and other diagnostic tools. Contact us for more info.

Advisory Services

Our physician and strategy experts are available to help your company reduce organizational health risks and improve the overall health of your workforce.

More than ever, companies need to protect the health of their employees as well as their overall organization. Our Advisory Services team offers a range of services designed to optimize employee health programming, vaccination strategies, crisis management, occupational risk mitigation (including travel), leadership performance and strategic planning. These services include our Medical Director Program, Health Intelligence, Health Coaching, and Trailblazer program.

Health Risk Screening

Helping your employees stay on top of their health promotes personal well-being and improves performance and productivity. Through a series of short tests, our Health Risk Screening program offers your employees a snapshot of their general health, with the goal of disease prevention and facilitating positive lifestyle changes. Our program includes personalized health coaching as well as access to virtual care follow-up through our Express Care® Online platform. This unique feature ensures that health risks are addressed efficiently and leads to better health outcomes for your employees.

Workplace Flu Shot Clinic

Our workplace flu clinic makes it easy and convenient for your employees to get their shots. Our licensed and experienced Cleveland Clinic Canada registered nurses will come to your workplace to set up an on-site clinic. When you choose Cleveland Clinic Canada’s Workplace Flu Shot Clinic, you will receive clinical and strategic advice on your employee flu shot program, coordination and set-up of a clinic tailored to suit your unique needs, and delivery and administration of the flu shot by Cleveland Clinic Canada nurses. When your employees are protected, you’ll experience a healthier workforce, improved productivity, and reduced absenteeism.


Cleveland Clinic’s eCoaching programs help employees create sustainable behaviour changes to meet their goals of weight loss, better health, and improved energy and vitality. eCoaching connects participants to a personal health coach through frequent, interactive emails. The methodology has helped thousands of people develop healthy lifestyle behaviours.

Virtual Second Opinions

Our Virtual Second Opinion service can help your employees make informed, confident decisions about their medical care. They may even find out about treatment options they didn’t know were available. And in some cases, the information they gain during a second opinion consultation can change their diagnosis. Your employees will be connected to an expert physician who specializes in their specific health needs. They will receive a secure, private online consultation without leaving home.

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We are the solution for employers who want to improve the health of their companies and invest in quality care for their employees. If you’d like to learn more about all the ways we can help your company, please connect with us.

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