Our Run Smart program can optimize your running performance and help prevent injury, regardless of your level of experience. We treat every runner as an individual and customize the session to your personal goals and physical needs. We will work with you to perfect your running form, identify weaknesses, recommend footwear and discuss any other improvements to your running that may be appropriate.

What’s Included?

Our program leader, Stacey Huang, is a trained physiotherapist with a passion for running. She will conduct a comprehensive evaluation that includes strength and flexibility assessments as well as a videotaped gait analysis.

The 60 minute assessment includes an:

  • Evaluation: A thorough clinical assessment of your running history, current training program, previous and current injuries, anatomical structure, strength, flexibility, range of motion, and goals.
  • Gait analysis: Our state-of-the-art video software will record you running on a treadmill. Sensory detectors will be placed on your clothing to monitor your running.
  • Review: A thorough review of your running video and discussion of your strengths and weaknesses. Recommendations are made based on your clinical results, gait analysis, level of training and performance goals.
  • Tailored report: Includes a detailed summary, analysis of results and customized recommendations. It may include a treatment plan for a current injury, strengthening exercises, flexibility exercises, running technique cues, running drills, and training program modifications.

Personal training, sports nutrition counselling or additional testing such as VO2 max or body composition can be included for an added fee. Our experienced team of sports health providers, exercise physiologists and registered dietitians collaborate to provide specific recommendations to help you achieve your running goals.

Are You Covered?

If you have physiotherapy benefits, a receipt will be issued for submission to your health benefits provider. Please check with your benefits provider to see what coverage you have for physiotherapy services.


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