What is an Athletic Therapist's expertise?

Athletic therapists are an important part of the Sports Medicine Rehabilitation team. Not only are they found on the sidelines at athletic events but they also care for a wide variety of patients in clinic. They have a specialized skill set to help patients return to their sport following an injury.

When should I see an Athletic Therapist?

Athletic therapists will help you fully recover from an injury and also help to prevent an injury from reoccurring. If you have an acute or chronic injury, an athletic therapist will help you return to your active lifestyle. They commonly treat sports injuries, post-operative cases, arthritis, concussions, postural imbalances, overuse joint and muscular problems. 

What can I expect?

Athletic therapists will perform an assessment to diagnose your condition and identify any limitations in mobility, strength and function, and you will work together to set goals. Treatments can include manual therapy, acupuncture, bracing and exercise prescription.

Am I covered?

Athletic Therapy services are not covered by OHIP, though may be partially or fully covered by extended health insurance plans. The coverage for each carrier is different; please check your plan to see what coverage is available for this type of service.

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