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About Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation features an integrated academic practice model, linking the main campus with 9 acute care hospitals, 3 inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, over 50 outpatient therapy venues, skilled nursing facilities, LTACs, and Cleveland Clinic's Center for Connected Care. This enterprise employs a fully operational disease-based rehabilitation care delivery system. All of the department's clinicians work side by side with the surgeons and medical specialists who share their subspecialty interests and expertise. Patients benefit from innovative rehabilitation strategies provided by a unified academic faculty, with access to the full range of specialty consultants, sophisticated laboratory and imaging resources, and Cleveland Clinic treatment protocols and carepaths.

Committed to the concept of teamwork, the department features an inclusive leadership structure that engages all of the therapy disciplines in meaningful roles. This collaboration has allowed us to be able to provide approximately 700,000 rehabilitation visits each year. Clinical, research and educational services are supported by the nation's premier information management platform that advances an efficient and value-based rehabilitation brand.

Model of Care

Frederick Frost, MD
Chair, Department of
Physical Medicine
& Rehabilitation

Cleveland Clinic is structured as a group practice. The doctors on staff are salaried employees and are not in private practice. They pool their wisdom and expertise for the benefit of the patient and the community.

In 2007, we restructured our practice to complement the group practice model. By combining specialties surrounding a specific organ or disease system into integrated practice units called institutes, we can better provide collaborative, patient-centered care.

Cleveland Clinic patients have access to the broadest possible range of medical care solutions from skilled, experienced doctors, nurses and therapists.

Rehabilitation Services

The department's commitment to helping patients maintain good health and improve function extends through outpatient clinics, inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and consultation in skilled nursing facilities. Physicians are required to maintain a general rehabilitation inpatient and outpatient practice, and they are expected to develop their careers in subspecialty areas. The clinical staff is charged with teaching the principles of rehabilitation care to over 1000 Cleveland Clinic residents and fellows, and to the medical students of Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine.

Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospitals (Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital, Avon, Euclid Hospital, Main Campus) share a common medical faculty, common electronic medical records, laboratory and radiology systems, and a commitment to use Cleveland Clinic's size and resources to create efficient and effective treatment protocols that will define the future delivery of rehabilitation services in the United States.

The rehabilitation research team partners with colleagues of many medical specialties and scientific fields to investigate novel treatments and therapies. This work elevates the level of care that is provided to patients, and sets the stage for development of Cleveland Clinic rehabilitation brand regionally, nationally and internationally, with new facilities in Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi.

Frederick Frost, MD

Chair, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Executive Director, Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy

John Lee, MD

Medical Director, Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital at Main Campus

Dan Shamir, MD

Medical Director, Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital at Lakewood Hospital

Patrick Schmitt, DO

Medical Director, Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital at Euclid Hospital

Outcomes Neuro 2015 Image

Measuring and understanding outcomes of medical treatments promotes quality improvement. Cleveland Clinic has created a series of Outcomes books for each of its clinical institutes. Designed for a physician audience, the Outcomes books contain a summary of many of our surgical and medical treatments, with a focus on outcomes data and a review of new technologies and innovations.