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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials, the path to better treatment

We conduct clinical trials to advance new treatments and diagnostic approaches for patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia.

What are clinical trials and why are they conducted?

A clinical trial is a research process that is used to test new ways of treating disease.

There are many different types of clinical trials, from interventional (which include pill, infusion, device, diagnostic approach) to non-interventional (which include observations and follow-up without active treatment).

Clinical trials are the only way to test new drugs and advance treatment.

All drugs have to be tested in clinical trials to show they are safe and effective before they can be approved by the FDA to treat patients.

Why should I get involved with clinical trials?

Many people get involved because they want to help those suffering from a disease.

Others get involved to help themselves and because they will have access to the newest medication which is not available to the general public in addition to more comprehensive assessments.

The success of finding a new treatment depends on having enough patients to participate.

Your involvement is the key to finding cures and preventing the onset of brain diseases.

How do I participate?

Learn more about current trials at Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health:

Cleveland: 216.445.9833 or 844.767.8629

Las Vegas: 855.568.7886

You could do something today to make a difference for your family and your community. At your next visit, ask you doctor if clinical trials are right for you.

Current Clinical Trials


Location: Las Vegas
Participant: Normal Cognition 65-83 years old
Study Type: Monthly Infusion (Solanezumab)
Duration: 3 years

Aducanumb (Engage or Emerge)

Location: Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, OH (Engage) or Las Vegas (Emerge)
Participant: Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) to Early Alzheimer's disease, ages 50-85 years old
Study Type: Placebo controlled study, monthly infusions (Aducanumab or placebo)
Duration: 24 months with possible 24 month extension

Center for Brain Health Biobank

Location: Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, OH
Participant: Those diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease (e.g. Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease), those considered at-risk for neuordegenerative disease and those considered healthy
Study Type: Observational
Duration:1 visit, with optional yearly visits


Location: Las Vegas
Participant: Any Neurodegenerative Disorders (NDD) with disinhibition symptoms
Study Type: Oral Tablet Nuedexta ™ or Placebo 
Duration: 14 weeks

Donepezil fMRI

Location: Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, OH
Participant: Healthy Older Adults with and without a family history of Alzheimer's disease, ages 60-80 years old
Study Type: Daily Oral Tablet (10mg Donepezil HCL), imaging (2 fMRIs)
Duration: 6 months


Location: Las Vegas; Cleveland Clinic Main Campus Mellen Center
Participant: Multiple Sclerosis patients 18 years of age and older.  Observational Study for patients who are newly initiating treatment with dimethyl fumarate (DMF) under routine clinical care
Study Type: Observational Study
Duration: Up to 5 years


Location: Las Vegas
Participant: Huntington's Disease, ages 18 year of age and older
Study Type: Prospective registry study for patients with Huntington's Disease
Duration: No end date

Nelotanserin RVT-102

Location: Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, OH
Participant: Persons experiencing frequent visual hallucinations due to Dementia of Lewy Bodies (DLB) or Parkinson's Disease Dementia (PDD), ages 50-85 years old
Study Type: Placebo controlled cross over study with possible extension, daily oral tablets (Nelotanserin or placebo), daily study diary
Duration: 18 weeks

Professional Fighter Study

Location: Las Vegas
Participant: Active and retired professional fighters
Study Type: Observational Study
Duration: 4 years


Location: Las Vegas; Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, OH; Lakewood, OH
Participant: Mild to moderate Alzheimer's Disease, ages 50-90 years old
Study Type: Daily Oral Tablet (Rasagiline)
Duration: 6 months

For more information on any of these studies, please call us toll free at 855.LOU.RUVO (855.568.7886) or email us at

Although tremendous progress has been made in the past 2 decades, no cure or treatment that slows or stops the deterioration caused by Alzheimer's disease has been found. That's why research continues to be critically important.

The FDA requires that all drugs be investigated in clinical trials to show they are safe and effective before they can be approved to treat patients.

Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is one of the leading sites in the country conducting advanced clinical trial and translational research. The center is at the forefront of developing new treatment and diagnostic approaches for patients with cognitive disorders.

We conduct clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical, biotechnological, device and diagnostic assessment companies. We support research activities funded by government grants, private foundation and other philanthropic sources. We provide a wide range of drug development services.

With our innovative clinical trial consortium, Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is revolutionizing the clinical trial process. Under the visionary leadership of Jeffrey L. Cummings, MD, ScD, a world renowned AD expert, and Kate Zhong, MD, a geriatric psychiatrist and pharmacologist, the consortium is committed to advancing research and providing new treatments to our patients suffering from neurodegenerative disorders. Trial sites are located in Las Vegas, Nevada; Cleveland, Ohio (main campus); Lakewood, Ohio and Weston, Florida.

Using one confidential disclosure agreement (CDA), one institutional review board (IRB), one budget, one contract, one electronic medical record (EMR) and one standard operational procedure (SOP), the consortium is united under a highly centralized system. The ONE model facilitates exemplary trial conduct by providing large patient volume, streamlined operations, rapid start up, speedy enrollment, high retention and quality data.

For more information on any of these studies, please call us toll free at 855.568.7886 or email us at

Together, we will Keep Memory Alive for many years and generations to come.

Meet the Research and Clinical Trials Team

Additional Clinical Trial Team Members:
  • Patti Clark
  • Rosemary Colleran, BSN, MPA
  • Danielle Kemeny
  • Jessie Lee
  • James Leverenz, MD
  • Anna Long
  • Athena Loughrin
  • Genna Losinski
  • Lyla Mourany
  • Christine Nelson, APRN, BC
  • Sonya Parker
  • Christine Reece
  • Aqeel Seals
  • Hilda Sosic
  • Christine Whitman, RN
Additional Clinical Trial Team Members:
  • Kathleen Knee, PsychD
  • Kateryna Kurako, MD
  • Lauren Thomas, PsychD
Additional Clinical Trial Team Members:
  • Alana Burns, MA - Research Program Manager
  • Jane Bjorklund, CCRC
  • John Caporelli, RN
  • Erica Crawford
  • Pamela Dino
  • Milagros Formoso, CCRC
  • Nadia Fulkerson
  • Monica Guerra
  • Brook Hurd
  • Garam Lee, PharmD, RPh
  • Mary Anne McQuade
  • Katurah Hartley-Mack
  • Yolande Mucharbach
  • Irene Newcomer
  • Taniyah Roach 
  • Tessa St. Rose, CCRP
  • Priscilla Sandoval, RN
  • Angy Trinidad, RN