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Brain Health Research Programs

Brain Health Research Programs

Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is dedicated to the pursuit and understanding of brain diseases and the development of more effective treatments. Clinicians with the center strive for a better understanding of how to improve health and wellness in patients with neurodegenerative disorders, including dementia with Lewy bodies, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia associated with Parkinson’s disease, and mild cognitive impairment. The center participates in several clinical trials to advance new treatments and diagnostic approaches for patients including repurposing drugs approved for other conditions to treat neurodegenerative disorders, leveraging imaging techniques such as MRI, investigate physical activity to slow the advance of disease, and using bioinformatics and clinical data to understand dementia, neuroinflammation, and repetitive head trauma. The center has also developed a repository of biospecimens collected from dementia patients that allows investigators rapid access to research materials.

Contact Information

Dawn Caraballo
[email protected]

Anna Sturtevant
Research Supervisor
[email protected]

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