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Why Choose Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health?

Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health provides diagnosis and ongoing treatment for patients with cognitive disorders and support services for family members who care for them, integrating research and education at every level. We take a team approach to neurological care, with physicians, advanced practice clinicians and nurses working in an integrated fashion.

Across our four locations — Cleveland and Lakewood, Ohio; Las Vegas, Nevada and Weston, Florida — our treatment programs are designed to provide excellent care and to respect the dignity of patients and their families. Our collaborative clinical research programs help to advance Cleveland Clinic's groundbreaking clinical trials and offer hope for improving brain health.

An individualized treatment plan is developed for each patient who is treated at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. The plan is tailored to each patient and may include recommendations for medications, physical exercise, diet, cognitive rehabilitation, psychiatric treatment (when needed), participation in clinical trials and family support.

Many individuals experiencing cognitive decline can benefit from targeted, individualized therapy sessions. At the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, our board certified specialists use cutting-edge technology and customized exercises during one-on-one treatment sessions. Unlike general or orthopedic therapy, our physical (PT), occupational therapy (OT) and speech-language pathology (SLP) programs are specifically tailored to the needs of those experiencing the effects of brain disorders. By incorporating patients’ interests and hobbies and offering socially enriching experiences, we work to increase our patients’ mobility and agility while decreasing fatigue and falls. We also work to improve all aspects of communication and cognition.

Our center’s goal is to leverage research, provide expert care to patients and their caregivers, and empower patients to live as independently as possible.

What We Treat

What We Treat

Learn about the conditions and diseases we treat at Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health and make an appointment at one of our locations: Nevada, Ohio, or Florida.

Cognitive Disorders

Disease Management

Diagnostics & Testing

Our Doctors

Our Doctors



Make an Appointment

To make an appointment with a Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health specialist in:

  • Cleveland, Ohio - call 216.636.5860 or 866.588.2264.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada - call 702.483.6000 or 866.588.2264.
  • Weston, Florida - call 954.659.5124 or 866.588.2264.

Virtual Visits

Whether you're a new or existing patient, you can get an initial evaluation or follow-up care from a brain health specialist using your phone, tablet or computer. This means there's no travel or parking, less waiting and significant time savings. Call 216.636.5860 to schedule a virtual visit for you or a loved one and get details on cost and set-up instructions.


MyChart connects you to your health care team from the comfort and safety of home. With this secure, online tool you can manage your appointments and complete pre-visit tasks, communicate with your providers, and keep track of your test results and medications.


Clinical Trials & Research

Clinical Trials & Research

Brain Health Research Programs

The Neurological Institute advances research into diseases of the brain and spine and conducts clinical therapeutic trials to support patients with neurological disorders. Our multidisciplinary research collaboration combines the expertise of clinical principal investigators with state-of-the-art imaging and data analysis to establish and implement new approaches to the treatment of neurological diseases. In addition, the Neurological Institute trains clinical fellows, full-time research fellows and residents as next generation clinical research scientists.

Clinical trials and research are the key to advancing medical knowledge and patient care. They provide hope by testing new drugs, new surgical techniques or other treatments before they are available.

Cleveland Clinic Brain Study

What happens to the brain and body before a neurological disease is diagnosed? Cleveland Clinic's Brain Study will change the landscape of neurodegeneration science. By researching at-risk normal individuals over the course of 20 years, we will learn what is happening to the brain and body before a neurological disease is diagnosed. Help us realize a future without neurological disease.

Dementia and Personhood: Facts and Myths

The perceptions about dementia and its effects on patients and their families are often negative. And too often, people’s actual experiences are rarely talked about — let alone understood. This disease — and those touched by it — needs more visibility and understanding.

Dementia and Personhood: Facts and Myths, is an ongoing study that dives into the stigma surrounding dementia. And it looks closely at how it really affects both patients and their families. We want to give a voice to people living with dementia and their families by collecting and sharing their stories publicly.

For Medical Professionals

For Medical Professionals

Refer a Patient

The Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health offers direct referral lines to ease the process of making a patient referral.

To refer a patient to the Neurological Institute via phone, please call our dedicated physician referral hotline at 216.445.8455. An intake coordinator will handle your call directly. If you are unable to reach an intake coordinator, please leave a message and they will return your call within the work day (if left before 1 p.m. ET) or the next work day (if left after 1 p.m. ET).

To refer a patient to the Neurological Institute via fax, please download and complete our physician referral form and fax to 216.636.2596.


Stay connected to patients you refer to Cleveland Clinic through online updates and electronic medical records.

CME Programs
The Center for Continuing Education is responsible for one of the largest and most diverse CME programs anywhere in the world. We offer live CME courses and free online CME activities.

Fellowships & Residencies
There are 140 staff physicians and scientists and 150 trainees in over 30 post-graduate training programs within the Neurological Institute.

View a summary of our surgical and medical trends and approaches, data on patient volume and outcomes and review new technologies and innovations.



Online Services

View portions of your medical record, see test results, renew prescriptions, request appointments and more.

Caregivers who use MyChart can also sign up for the MyChart Caregiver feature.


We offer regular events at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas, in association with Keep Memory Alive.

Caregiver Support

Getting diagnosed with a disorder that affects your thinking (neurocognitive) or movement can come with challenges — for you and your family. They may find themselves wearing many hats as they support you through this journey. Caregiver. Partner. Advocate. Guide. The impact of these disorders can be stressful for everyone involved.

That’s why we make sure your caregivers get care, too. We offer a number of services that help your family understand your diagnosis. They can get the information and support they need to navigate the many life changes ahead. These programs vary by Cleveland Clinic location.


Get a free, online, brain health self-assessment, sign up for a monthly newsletter to receive tips for improving your brain health, or learn how you can participate in research.

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