Sports Medicine

At Cleveland Clinic Canada, we are experts at diagnosing your injury and recommending the appropriate care to get you back to your normal activities.

Your assessment will begin with a thorough and accurate examination by a Sports Medicine physician. A detailed evaluation and accurate diagnosis are key factors in establishing the correct treatment approach for your injury. We have convenient on-site laboratory and x-ray facilities to maximize convenience for our patients. This also allows our team to review images and tests immediately and provide timely feedback to you about your injury.

Consultations and imaging are covered by OHIP and there is no referral required.

What is a Sports Medicine Physician?

A Sports Medicine physician receives special training during a fellowship program in sports medicine after finishing a residency program in another specialty, such as family medicine, emergency medicine or orthopaedic surgery.  

They are dedicated to promoting lifelong fitness and wellness, and encouraging the prevention of illness and injury. They have specialized training and skills which position them to be caregivers for patients of all different fitness levels. Within Canada, a CASEM Diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine is a necessary credential for a Sports Medicine physician.

What Do We Treat?

A Sports Medicine physician’s scope of care includes diagnosing and managing acute injuries, musculoskeletal conditions and illnesses that affect lifestyle and performance.

Common conditions treated and services provided may include:

  • Diagnosis and management of injuries
  • Acute and overuse injuries (sprains, strains, fractures, tendonitis)
  • Joint injections for pain relief (corticosteroid, viscosupplementation, PRP or stem cells)
  • Concussions and general injury prevention
  • Pre-participation physical assessments to determine safety of engaging in specific sport related activities
  • Return-to-play decisions for the sick or injured athlete
  • Athletes with chronic or acute illnesses (such as mono, asthma, hypertension or diabetes)
  • Athletes with chronic musculoskeletal conditions (chronic muscle injuries, joint osteoarthritis)
  • Exercise and performance counseling


Physician consultations and imaging are covered by OHIP. 

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