Cleveland Clinic Akron General recognizes that wellness and prevention are keys to your good health – that is why we have created health and wellness centers. These centers were created to give you the services you and your family need, where it's convenient for you and from a name you can trust.

The health and wellness centers give patients and their physicians access to medical services including:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Services
  • Akron Children's Hospital Urgent Care
  • Cardiac and Pulmonary Services
  • Center for Behavior Medicine and Wellness
  • Community Access and Wellness
  • Events and Catering
  • Health Screenings
  • Heartburn Center
  • Lab Services
  • LifeStyles, a medically supervised exercise and membership program
  • Nutrition Services & Weight Management
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Physician Practices
  • Radiology
  • Reflections Breast Health Center
  • Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine
  • Sleep Centers
  • Surgery Centers

Akron General is pleased to offer monthly health screenings. We look forward to seeing you and helping to improve your health. For more information, call 330.665.8248.


Community Access and Wellness

We understand the importance of building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which is why we want to make it easy and bring our wellness offerings directly to your school, neighborhood or business! Our Health & Wellness Express is a mobile unit offering services such as physicals, health screenings, women’s health exams, educational classes and more.

For additional information, or to schedule a visit, call 330.344.4BUS (330.344.4287).

Mobile unit facts:

  • Length: 39 Feet
  • Exam rooms: Two
  • Testing stations: One
  • Features: Lift equipped, handicapped accessible


  • Health screenings
  • Lab testing
  • Employee physicals and on-site clinics
  • Patient education and on-site clinics

Visitation venues: 

  • Businesses and corporate wellness programs
  • Community events
  • School health clinics and education days

Built By: K & D Custom Coach Goshen, Indiana

Physician Practices

Physician Practices

Health & Wellness Center, Bath

  • Bath Medical Group: 330.665.8143
  • Cardiology: 330.344.7400
  • Center for Behavioral Medicine and Wellness: 330.665.8171
  • Gastroenterology: 330.665.8270
  • Hand Center: 330.344.HAND (4263)
  • Hematology & Oncology: 330.344.6505
  • Montrose Primary Care: 330.344.1255
  • Infusion Services: 330.665.8020 
  • Orthopedics and Sports Medicine: 330.344.BONE (2663)
  • Plastic Surgery: 330.344.FACE (3223)
  • Psychiatry: 330.665.8168

Health & Wellness Center, Green

  • Bariatric Surgery: 330.344.4751
  • Cardiology: 330.344.7400
  • Center for Behavioral Medicine and Wellness: 330.896.5058
  • Cleveland Clinic Urology: 330.899.1817
  • Endocrinology: 330.896.5077
  • General Surgery: 330.344.5487
  • Green Primary Care: 330.896.3447
  • Hand Center: 330.344.HAND (4263)
  • Heartburn Center: 330.344.BURN (2876)
  • Hematology and Oncology: 330.344.6505
  • Infusion Center: 330.896.6815
  • Liver and Pancreatic Care: 330.344.LIVR (5487)
  • Neurology: 330.344.8523
  • Orthopedics and Sports Medicine: 330.344.BONE (2663)
  • Pain Management and Chiropractic Care: 1.800.941.NoPain (6672)
  • Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine: 330.896.5076
  • Wound Care: 330.896.3492

Health & Wellness Center, Stow

  • Arthritis and Rheumatology: 330.344.7820
  • Cardiology: 330.344.7400
  • Gastroenterology: 330.665.8270
  • Hand Center: 330.344.HAND (4263)
  • Hematology and Oncology: 330.344.3150
  • Infusion Center: 330.945.3140
  • Orthopedics and Sports Medicine: 330.344.BONE (2663)
  • Pulmonology Medicine: 330.344.6676


RightFit is a down-to-earth wellness program designed to help adults ages 65 and older improve their health at a comfortable pace. Services are provided by Akron General at no cost. The RightFit program includes:

  • Two free, low-intensity fitness classes each week
  • Free admission to monthly talks on nutrition and fitness
  • Personalized guidance and progress tracking offered by trained specialists
  • Special discounts on wellness services and programs
  • Three convenient locations

Akron General recognizes that wellness and prevention are keys to your good health, which is one of the reasons we created our Health & Wellness Centers. These centers give you the services you need, where it's convenient for you. The Health & Wellness Centers give patients and their physicians access to a wide variety of outpatient medical services and programs, including our medically based fitness and wellness program, LifeStyles.

RightFit Program Schedule

Health & Wellness Center, Green
Mondays and Thursdays, 2-3 p.m.
1940 Town Park Boulevard, Uniontown, OH 44685

Health & Wellness Center, Stow
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1-2 p.m. 
4300 Allen Road, Stow, OH 44224

Health & Wellness Center, Bath
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2-3 p.m.
4125 Medina Road, Akron, OH 44333

Request More Information

  • For any questions about RightFit, please call us at 330.665.8272 or fill out and submit our form.
  • LifeStyles is a medically based fitness program at Akron General's health and wellness centers, learn more.
Events & Catering

Events & Catering

Health & Wellness Catering provides convenient, full-service catering solutions for all your special occasions. We offer a fresh, new menu with a multitude of food options to meet event and/or nutritional needs. We’ll help you select a menu that's just right for your affair and present it in a way that's sure to impress your guest.

We host a variety of community events and special occasions, from corporate conferences and holiday parties to wedding receptions and birthday parties: 

  • Baby and bridal showers
  • Birthday parties
  • Business meetings/seminars
  • Community events
  • Cooking classes
  • Corporate events and conferences
  • Family and class reunions
  • Holiday parties
  • Photo shoots
  • Wedding ceremonies and receptions

We have well-trained chefs and friendly, experienced service staff who are ready to help you plan and organize every detail to make your next event a memorable occasion.

An appointment will be necessary to personalize your event.

Health & Wellness Catering
Cleveland Clinic Akron General 
Health & Wellness Center, Bath
4125 Medina Road 
Akron, Ohio 44333

  • Esther Gervins-Moore, Catering Manager
  • Adam Toth, Catering Coordinator
  • Catering office: 330.665.8092
  • Fax number: 330.665.8091

Space Rentals

Room Rentals
Our spacious rooms are available at reasonable hourly rates and equipped with a wide range of audio/visual options to meet all your event needs. We offer various floor plan setups and flexible seating arrangements.

Facility Rentals
Looking for a space that’s a bit more “outside the box” for your special event? Our facility rentals create a neat, unique experience for your guests, including:

  • Activity Pool
  • Rock Wall
  • Gym
  • Aerobics Studio

KidStyles, a fun supervised play area for youth ages 5-12 years old, is available to you at no additional charge. We offer a discounted rate for church, school, scouting and other community groups.

To book a space, or for more information, call:

  • Bath: 330.665.8139
  • Green: 330.896.5007
  • Stow: 330.945.3141

Our staff would be happy to talk with you about our wide variety of catering and/or space rental options to create a perfect event for your and your guests.

Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

We understand that your employees’ health and wellness is an investment in your business. We also understand that the needs of your company may be unique. That’s why we work one-on-one with companies to provide custom-tailored programs that meet their needs.

We are able to offer a variety of programs and services at your location, or at our Health & Wellness Centers. Screening services include cholesterol, glucose, body composition and blood pressure.   Other services include wellness education, weight management programs, flu vaccinations, on-site clinics and more. Our corporate health and wellness programs are designed to identify and address your organization’s chronic illness and disease through results driven programming.

Maureen Nagy
Community Access & Wellness