Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription

Our credentialed staff offers two, one-hour sessions for new members. The first session is a fitness assessment consisting of a variety of tests designed to assess your present level of fitness. Members are encouraged to get a new assessment every six months and exercise prescription every two to three months, which is included free with your membership.

Our degreed exercise specialists offer two, one-hour sessions, which includes:

  • Cardiopulmonary fitness test
  • Muscular strength and flexibility test
  • Blood pressure check
  • Height, weight and body fat check
  • 24-hour nutrition analysis
  • Personalized training program
  • Tips on the correct way to operate equipment 

Exercise Consistency Club

Members can take advantage of free special fitness software at LifeStyles to track daily aerobic and strength workouts. Monthly cardiovascular strength training workout totals are accumulated and accessed. Accumulate 200 points on a monthly basis by utilizing our fitness software on the LifeStyles fitness computers. Points are awarded for aerobic and strength workouts. Included free with membership.

Personal Training

Go one-to-one with a certified personal trainer who motivates and coaches you through focused, individualized exercise sessions. Personal training sessions are available to LifeStyles members. Rates start with half-hour sessions. We recommend a program of at least one session per week, for at least a month. Rates are the same for all trainers.

Team Training

Teams meet with a personal trainer weekly to perform exercises geared toward the group goal. Individuals can organize their own team or LifeStyles staff can assist in recruiting members. Teams meet weekly or bi-weekly to perform exercises geared toward the program goals. Formats offered and length of sessions vary. Team Training is for groups of 3 - 5 people.

Youth Exercise 

Teenagers ages 13-15 years of age who belong to LifeStyles through a family membership must complete a one and a half hour Youth Fitness Certification Class if they would like to use adult fitness equipment during dependent hours.

Contact Us

To learn more, stop by the fitness desk at your main LifeStyles facility or call

  • Health & Wellness Center, Bath: 330.665.8107
  • Health & Wellness Center, Stow: 330.945.3107
  • Health & Wellness Center, Green: 330.896.5017