Akron General

4 weeks

Number of Students

Noaman Ali, MD
1 Akron General Avenue
Akron, Ohio 44307

Teaching Faculty

  • Andrew Fenton, MD, FACS — Professor of Surgery
  • Scott Awender, MD, FACS — Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Mark C. Horattas, MD, FACS — Chairman, Professor of Surgery
  • Robert Marley, MD, FACS — Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Walter Chlysta, MD, FACS — Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • William C. Papouras, MD, FACS — Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery
  • Noaman Ali, MD — Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Christopher Daigle, MD
  • William Leukhardt, MD
  • Ali F. Mallat, MD


Medical student will become an integral part of our everyday surgical teams and Trauma team when on-call. This rotation should help increase professional interaction with patients, family members, and staff members. Learn new ways to improve your self-learning regimen. Medical students are required to attend surgery Morbidity and Mortality conferences every Wednesday at 7 a.m. and Trauma Grand Rounds every third Thursday at 7 a.m. Students are welcome to attend other surgical conferences if interested.

Medical students will participate in all the teaching activities of the General Surgery Department which include: participation in daily morning (6 a.m.) teaching rounds with the General Surgery residents and attending physicians. As an integral part of the surgical team, the student will participate in the office practice, on rounds, in the operating room assisting and performing in operative procedures and in critical care. Required to attend the morning teaching conferences of the Department of Surgery, the Surgical Morbidity and Mortality Conference and Grand Rounds or Surgery/Oncology Conferences.