Akron General

4 weeks

Number of Students

Chief of Service
Michael Morocco, MD
444 N. Main Street, #306
Akron, Ohio 44310

Lisa Lawson
Student Coordinator
[email protected]

Teaching Faculty

  • Daniela Ciltea, MD — Associate Professor of Internal Medicine
  • Nicole Dombroski, DO — Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
  • Toni King, MD — Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
  • Michael Morroco, MD



  • To introduce students to endocrine and metabolic disorders, including:
    • Detail history and physical exam pertinent to endocrine patients
    • Formulation of a differentiated diagnosis
    • Short and long-term treatment options
  • To understand physiology of endocrine glands and pathophysiology of endocrine disorders.
  • To introduce students to self-care diabetic programs.


  • The student will participate in morning rounds with attending endocrinologist, with bedside review of endocrine issues pertinent to each patient.
  • The student will participate in daily conference with attending endocrinologist to review one patient or one particular subject in detail.
  • The student will see one new hospital consult every day and present to the attending endocrinologist the same day or next morning.
  • The student will work in an office setting with endocrinologists to see outpatients, new and follow-up private patients.
  • The student will see new hospital consults with attending endocrinologist.
  • The student will attend endocrine conference twice a month. The student will attend daily noon didactic lectures, with work rounds taking place in the afternoon.

Night Call/Special Requirements

  • None