Akron General

4 weeks

Number of Students

Erin Simon, DO, Associate Professor

Jessica Krizo, PhD
Health Scientist, Emergency Medicine and Trauma Surgery

1 Akron General Ave
Akron, Ohio 44307

Teaching Faculty

  • Erin Simon, DO — Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
  • Jessica Krizo, PhD — Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery and Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine


Rotation Description
The Emergency Medicine Research elective allows students to gain experience in the methodology of clinical research under the guidance of clinical and research faculty. The student will have two main research objectives. First, the student will assist with ongoing or developing studies. This can include conducting literature reviews, developing a protocol, data collection, analysis, and presentation. Second, students will be given the opportunity to prepare a Case Report potentially leading to publication that can be completed within the timeframe of the elective. Student will attend weekly conferences with ED Residents, Attendings, and Clinical Rotation Medical Students.

Course Objectives
Note: Student experiences will vary based on topic and progress of research at any given time.

  1. Student will be able to utilize research tools and conduct literature reviews.
  2. Student will be able to identify different types of literature and how to appropriately use them.
  3. Student will gain knowledge of the stages of clinical research.
  4. Students will work toward possible publication of a case report, poster, or manuscript.

Learning Methods
Student will complete various components of scholarly activity (see description) involving a high degree of self- study (reading, writing, data collection; under the guidance of clinical and research faculty), attend Trauma/Emergency Medicine/Surgery Conferences, and shadow trauma surgeons and emergency medicine physicians.

Evaluation Criteria
Evaluations will be conducted jointly between the clinical and research faculty, with the research faculty issuing the final evaluation. Student evaluations will be based on the following categories.

  1. Professionalism
  2. Progress
  3. Aptitude