Akron General

4 weeks

Number of Students

Chief of Service
Ken Wong, MD
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
1 Akron General Ave.
Akron, Ohio 44307

Lisa Lawson
Student Coordinator

Teaching Faculty

  • Donald Dumford, MD — Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
  • Rajiv Sahni, MD — Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
  • David Watkins, MD — Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine
  • Ken Wong, MD
  • Rana Wajahat, MD
  • Vansha Singh, MD
  • Kasturi Shrestha, MD



  • To provide student with exposure to and participation in the diagnostics and management of patients with infectious diseases in a hospital setting.
  • To maximize the ability of student to interpret Gram stains and other lab data in the diagnosis of infectious diseases.
  • To review the principles of antimicrobial therapy.


  • With patient consultation as the major setting, the elective will include instruction in all aspects of infectious disease, including human-microbial pathophysiology, antibiotic use and abuse, and the proper use of the microbiology laboratory.
  • Heavy emphasis will be placed on the history, physical examination and interpretation of gram-stained smears in the evaluation of patients.
  • The student will make daily rounds with the Infectious Disease service and will be assigned selected consults to work up, present and follow.
  • The student will participate in any conferences held by the Infectious Disease service.
  • The student will attend daily noon didactic lectures, with work rounds taking place in the afternoon.
  • Typical daily schedule: 7:30 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday-Friday; Saturday & Sunday - None

Night Call/Special Requirements

  • None