Most hearing problems are due to noise exposure and aging, but some are a symptom of an underlying disease or injury such as an ear infection, stroke, or accident. Hearing loss may also be a warning sign that a more serious condition may be present.

Hearing Aids
An audiologist can provide a comprehensive evaluation of hearing impairment as well as complete hearing aid evaluations, fittings and repair. Ear molds, custom earplugs, sound plugs, swim plugs and other ear accessories, including pediatric swim plugs and ear bands are available and can be custom fitted.

Audiologists work closely with speech therapists when a patient may benefit from both services.

Referrals are accepted from doctors and other health care professionals, or patients may call for an appointment.

To schedule a day or evening appointment, call 330.784.1271 or 330.784.8229 for TDD users.