We recognize the need for information and services that provide options and support through life’s changes. Akron General offers assessment services, treatment options, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, home care assistance and primary physician care to help keep seniors on their path to good health.

We’re a NICHE-Designated Hospital 

Did you know that Akron General is a NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Health System Elders)-designated facility? This means our nurses are supported in their efforts to provide top-level geriatric care that is centered on creating a positive experience for patients 65 and older and their families. We understand the need for specialized care and respond using evidence-based best practices. Akron General is the only hospital in the area, and one of nearly 800 in North America, with a NICHE accreditation. Learn more.

Geriatric Assessment Clinic

The Geriatric Assessment Clinic, located at 676 S. Broadway St., offers patient consultations with a team of providers who have expertise in caring for older adults, including a board-certified geriatrician.

The team addresses the needs of the aging population, including falls, depression, memory loss, weight changes, worsening chronic illness, significant physical disability, driving concerns, incontinence and recent loss of function in performing daily activities. The Geriatric Assessment Clinic provides resources and develops a plan of care to meet the individual needs of each patient. Upon completion of the consultation, patients are asked to follow up with their primary care physicians concerning recommendations.

Our Team

The team of specialists at the Geriatric Assessment Clinic includes a board-certified geriatrician, medical resident, pharmacist, nurse, clinical social worker and other healthcare professionals. The team's goal is to optimize health and preserve function, keeping patients active and out of the hospital. In addition, individuals will be connected with community services, home health care and home equipment as appropriate.

How Patients are Referred

If a patient’s physician feels the patient would benefit from an assessment at the Geriatric Assessment Clinic at Akron General Medical Center, the physician, with the patient’s or family’s consent, will make an appointment for the patient at the Geriatric Assessment Clinic. The physician will provide the Geriatric Assessment Clinic with all the necessary medical history information to help the team prepare for the initial consultation. Patients can be referred from home, assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

During the Appointment

For the initial appointment at the Geriatric Assessment Clinic, patients are encouraged to bring a family member or friend. The clinic team will review the patient's information and health history provided by the referring physician. The team then will meet with patient and his or her guest to explain any important findings or health recommendations, which also will be shared with the referring physician.

It is important for patients to know that the Geriatric Assessment Clinic also provides consultation and assistance with helpful and appropriate resources, when needed. After the initial appointment, the patient’s care is returned to his or her primary care physician. A follow-up visit is typically scheduled at the initial appointment.


When a patient visits the Geriatric Assessment Clinic, Medicare and/or the patient’s insurance company will be billed for the services. Co-pays apply.

Convenient location and parking

Parking is available in the lot located at 676 S. Broadway Street. If you need any other assistance, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.

For more information, about the Geriatric Assessment Clinic or to make an appointment, please call 330.344.6015.

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