Our mission is to provide multicultural competent care and address health disparities related to lung health through education, research, quality improvement and community outreach.

Why This Program Developed?

The Cleveland Clinic’s Respiratory Institute is a leader in providing exceptional care in pulmonary disease and critical care. The Respiratory Institute recognizes that minority groups suffer disproportionately from diseases of the respiratory system.  There are numerous factors contributing to health care disparities including: genetics, socioeconomics, sociocultural, environmental, health literacy, and access to healthcare.  Health disparities lead to increased disease burden, increased financial burdens and death among the underserved communities.

The Respiratory Institute will partner with the Multicultural Lung Health Center to provide a program to broadly address these health issues. The Multicultural Lung Health Center will have an accessible model for patients of diverse backgrounds to engage with health care providers to receive health information, diagnostic testing, referrals to specialty care, and treatment in a culturally aware and competent environment.

The Multicultural Lung Health Center was designed to provide:

  • Community Outreach
  • Internal Education and Organization
  • Improved Research on Multicultural Health
  • Multicultural Care Improvement

Did You Know?

Black Americans develop and die of lung cancer at higher rates than White Americans

Asthma rates have increased more in Black Americans than White Americans

Puerto Ricans have the highest Asthma prevalence among Hispanic subgroups and compared to other races

Asthma mortality is 3 times higher in Black Americans than White Americans

Black Americans tend to develop more severe and chronic forms of sarcoidosis along with a higher mortality rate

Native Americans have the 2nd highest death rate due to cystic fibrosis behind Caucasians

Influenza and pneumonia are the 4th leading cause of death in Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders over the age of 65

Minorities are disproportionally affected by Tuberculosis and COVID-19

What We Diagnose & Treat

What We Diagnose & Treat

The Multicultural Lung Health Center team also provides:

  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Lung Cancer Screening
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Community education and outreach
  • Referrals for E-Coaching
  • Screening for Social Determinants of Health
  • Referrals to other medical providers within Cleveland Clinic who manage diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and vascular disease or who can help with weight loss, physical fitness and smoking cessation
Our Team

Our Team

Not Pictured:

  • Logan Harper, MD

Implementation Team

  • Rhonda Jenkins, MPH
    Program Manager II| Respiratory Institute
  • Beverly Hunter
    Manager, Patient Access| Respiratory Institute
  • Joelle Horton-Shaw
    Administrative Assistant | Respiratory Institute
  • Nichelle Winfield, APRN-CNP
    Family Nurse Practitioner | Respiratory Institute
  • Natalie L. Chunn, LSW
    Social Worker | Care Management Nursing Institute
  • Songcerae Washington, PA-C
    APRN / PA | Respiratory Institute

Support Staff

  • Davida Moore RN | Assistant Nurse Manager
  • Teresa D’Alessandro PA-C |Manager APP’s
  • Kelynn Brewer BSN, RN | Nurse Manager
  • Kimberly Biddlecom RRT
  • Yvonne Meli RN | RN Program Coordinator V
  • Victor Watts RRT | RT Supervisor
  • Ronnie Scullark RRT, PA-C
  • Jose Angel Ramos RRT | Manager, Pulmonary Function Lab
  • McCarroll, Stephanie RN, BSN |Clinical Coordinator


To Schedule an appointment with an expert from the Multicultural Lung Health Center, call appointment center 866.320.4573

Appointment Locations

  • Akron General
  • Avon-Richard E. Jacobs Health Center
  • Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
  • Euclid Hospital
  • Hillcrest Hospital
  • Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center

Patient Checklist

Please bring these items to your appointment:

  • Insurance card
  • List of current medications/ bottles of medications
  • Picture ID- driver’s license or state ID
  • Insurance card
Resources FAQs


What is the Multicultural Lung Health Center?

  • Being scheduled through the Multicultural Lung Health Center enables you to be connected with a physician who has a particular interest in providing culturally sensitive care. Physicians in the MLHC, in addition to providing excellent healthcare, also have a particular interest in connecting you with community resources.

How will I get connected with community resources?

  • You may be connected to community resources by talking with your physician about your needs on the day of your appointment. Furthermore, a questionnaire will be sent to you through MyChart within two weeks of your appointment. Please fill this questionnaire out in order to help us identify your needs and any ways that we can help. Learn more about MyChart.

What community resources do you provide?

  • These depend on your need. Community resources could include free additional health coaching and other local community resources.
  • Community resources and availability may change based on funding and resources of the community organizations.
  • When meeting for an MLHC appointment you may speak with your provider to find out more about being connected with community resources.

What will be different about the MLHC appointments?

  • The appointment will be of the same excellence in care as a normal appointment and the same length; however, the physician that you will see in the Multicultural Lung Health Center will have a particular interest in ensuring culturally sensitive care and connecting you with additional community resources, if needed.

Does this appointment cost more and will my insurance cover it?

  • Insurance and pricing will be just the same as a typical appointment.
  • We recommend patients speak with their insurance companies to ensure coverage for healthcare appointments.