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For Medical Professionals

For Medical Professionals

Allergy & Immunology Fellowships

Learn about our allergy/immunology fellowships.

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Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

Learn about our critical care medicine fellowship.

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Infectious Disease Fellowship Program

Our Infectious Disease Fellowship Program is a three-year, clinically-oriented fellowship program offering broad exposure to almost every facet of infectious diseases.

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Interventional Pulmonary Medicine Fellowships

Learn about our Interventional Pulmonary Medicine Fellowship

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Pulmonary & Critical Care Fellowship Program

Learn about our pulmonary and critical care fellowships.

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International Preceptorship Program

Fully trained physicians and administrative staff from around the globe take advantage of this tailored educational opportunity.

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Respiratory Therapy Scholarship Program

Learn more about our Scholarship Program to anyone aspiring to become a Respiratory Therapist.

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Respiratory Research Training (SMARRT)

Learn more about T32: Supporting Multidisciplinary Achievement in Respiratory Research Training (SMARRT)

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Medical Scribe Education Fellowships

Learn more about the unique opportunity to observe and participate in direct patient care.

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Refer a Patient

Everything you need to refer a patient to our institute.

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Physician Newsletter

Get the latest news in pulmonology and allergy/immunology.

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Physician Newsletter Signup

Connects you to the latest respiratory related research.

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Physician Podcast

Episodes released monthly on a pulmonology, critical care, allergy/immunology or infectious disease topic.

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Comprehensive Resources for COVID-19 Care from Cleveland Clinic Experts

Discover Cleveland Clinic's free – interprofessional – CME, educational resource to assist in workforce redeployment. Features just-in-time care management quick start guides, and in-depth materials suited to prepare a range of healthcare professionals for the care of COVID-19 and critically ill patients.

Explore our COVID-19 resourcesExplore our COVID-19 resources
Why Choose Respiratory Institute | Cleveland Clinic

Why Choose the Respiratory Institute?

At Cleveland Clinic's Respiratory Institute, we provide world-class patient care by combining our strengths in clinical care, research and education. With more than 170 pulmonologists, allergists/immunologists, infectious disease experts and critical care specialists, the Respiratory Institute staff diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of disorders in our outpatient offices, inpatient hospital floors, and intensive care units. We treat over 200,000 patients annually in our outpatient clinics and Cleveland Clinic is ranked as one of the nation's top hospitals by U.S. News & World Report.

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