What should I do when I get the call for my lung transplant surgery?

When a lung has been identified for you, a transplant coordinator will contact you by telephone or pager. Remember, this could be any time of the day or night.As soon as you receive the call, do not eat or drink anything (not even water). Your stomach must be empty before surgery.It is normal to feel both excited and scared. Because of the natural confusion caused by the need to get to the hospital quickly, you might feel rushed and confused. You'll be glad you planned ahead to get to the hospital with minimal delay, knowing you have left your home in order.

How do I get to the hospital for my surgery?

As soon as you receive the call, bring the suitcase you packed ahead of time and go directly to the hospital. Even though the donor lung receives special handling, there is a time limit.If you live more than 1½ hours away from the transplant center, the transplant coordinator on call will arrange transportation for you and one family member. If you live less than 1½ hours away, you must have someone drive you quickly, but carefully, to the hospital.

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