Cleveland Clinic’s Respiratory Institute offers the full spectrum of diagnostic tests and treatments for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) including chest x-ray, spirometry, lung volume tests, lung compliance tests, diffusion capacity testing, physiologic shunt studies, arterial blood gas testing, pulse oximetry testing, cardiopulmonary exercise test and methacholine challenge test. Cleveland Clinic also offers the full spectrum of surgical treatments for COPD such as lung volume reduction surgery and lung transplant.

Multidisciplinary Care

Cleveland Clinic's Respiratory Institute, patients receive comprehensive, individualized patient care through our unique clinical programs and centers. Our COPD program brings together teams of specialists within different areas of care for the treatment of COPD including:

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Our Outcomes offer detailed information and data to help patients and their physicians make informed decisions about treatment for a wide-range of respiratory issues.

What We Treat

What We Treat

Treatment for COPD

Once our patients have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and thoroughly assessed, treatment begins with patient education and lifestyle changes. We strive to maximize our patients’ independence, reduce the severity of their symptoms and improve their ability to participate in daily activities.

  • Patient education
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Risk factor modification
  • Medications and device instruction

Tests for COPD

We offer a full spectrum of diagnostic tests to determine what treatment will be necessary for your chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Appointments & Locations

Appointments & Locations


To make an appointment, please call 216.444.6503.

Online Second Opinions

We offer second opinions through Cleveland Clinic MyConsult, an effective and secure option for consultation without the time and expense of travel. One of our experts will review your medical records and test results and provide a comprehensive, personalized report, taking care to answer your specific questions.




Treatment Guides

Cleveland Clinic offers a number of free treatment guides covering a broad range of information related to Respiratory issues:

Health Library

Get details on symptoms, causes and treatment for COPD from Cleveland Clinic's Health Library:

Health Essentials

Find medical, health and wellness news, information and insights from Cleveland Clinic's experts about COPD:

Consult QD

Find helpful posts from Cleveland Clinic's site for physicians and healthcare professionals. Discover the latest COPD research insights, innovations, treatment trends and more:

Videos for Coping with COPD

Research & Clinical Trials

Research & Clinical Trials

Beta-Blockers for the Prevention of Acute Exacerbations of COPD (BLOCK-COPD)

The primary objective is to determine the effect of once daily metoprolol succinate compared with placebo on the time to first exacerbation in moderate to severe COPD patients who are prone to exacerbations and who do not have absolute indications for beta-blocker therapy.


STUDY COORDINATOR: Rick Rice | 216.444.1150

For Medical Professionals

For Medical Professionals

Patient Referrals

Our secure online service, Dr.Connect, provides referring physicians access to patient’s treatment progress with streamlined communication from Cleveland Clinic physicians to your office, allowing continued participation in the ongoing care of patients. With the best possible treatment plans and coordinated care, our team approach benefits both the patient and the referring physician.

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellowships

Our pulmonary and critical care medicine fellowships provide board-certified general internists with the tools necessary to care for patients, who have complicated lung diseases and critical illnesses. During the three-year training period, which includes an 18-month core program and 18-month subspecialty track, fellows are exposed to a wide variety of medical problems in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.


Cleveland Clinic Respiratory Institute offers continuing medical education courses through the Center for Continuing Education. We are providers of AMA-approved continuing medical education (CME) units for physicians and physician assistants, and of continuing education units by the Ohio Nurses Association for nurses and by the Ohio Respiratory Care Board for respiratory therapists.