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Spine Clinical Trials

Already a major center for spine-related treatment and research, Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Spine Health is on the forefront of developing new technologies and collaborative approaches for effectively managing back and neck disorders.

Below, find clinical trials that are currently enrolling patients:

Bone Healing Clinical Trial
EXOGEN 4000+

This is a clinical trial uses the EXOGEN 4000+ Bone Healing System to determine if ultrasound therapy is safe and effective for improving fusion when used as adjunct therapy after having spinal fusion surgery in the lumbar spine. Men and women age 18 to 81 who have a documented diagnosis of degenerative disc disease with up to Grade I spondylolisthesis at the target level confirmed by AP, lateral, flexion/extension films within 6 months of screening procedures may be eligible for the study.

Principal Investigator: Ajit Krishnaney, MD
Research Coordinator: Elizabeth Olszewski, MPH 216.444.1179.

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