Our videos will take you step by step through the surgery process. You will receive a detailed description of what will happen the day of surgery, from check-in to post-op to room assignment. Please be sure to view the video for the location of your specific surgery.

Pre-Surgery Risk Assessment

Are you scheduled for surgery and want to understand anesthesia risks?
Complete a risk-assessment and receive your HealthQuest or ChildQuest score.

Surgical Operations

Surgical Operations at Cleveland Clinic is responsible for the management of 113 geographically dispersed operating rooms and procedure rooms in the Cleveland Clinic system. 

In 2016, these operating rooms accounted for over 61,000 total cases.

  • 85 operating rooms in Cleveland Clinic’s Main Campus
  • 25 rooms in 3 Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Our surgical team consists of specially trained surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, surgical technologists and other highly qualified professionals. 

Together we set the highest standards for patients care and safety. 

We strive to provide outstanding and compassionate care and service from pre-op to discharge.

Questions About Surgery?

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