Cleveland Clinic Akron General Visiting Nurse Service started as a non-profit agency in 1947 to provide skilled care in patients’ homes. Over the years, we have incorporated additional services and are proud to provide skilled nursing and therapy home care and hospice care. Additionally, we work closely with our colleagues at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Connected Care to provide hospice and home infusion therapies. Our skilled and compassionate team of caregivers works in conjunction with patients, families and referring physicians to plan and implement the best course of care.

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Home Care

Home Care

Skilled home healthcare is provided in the comfort and privacy of a patient's own home. A wide range of services are provided by skilled nurses, home health aides, licensed social workers and physical, occupational and speech therapists. The patient may need care such as dressing changes, instructions on new medications, assessment of a medical condition or therapeutic exercises. The nurse or therapist may come several times a week to assess and instruct the patient in his or her care.

There are many benefits of home care. Most people are more comfortable recuperating in the comfort of their own home. They are less likely to get sick from others and they can often get more rest. Home care can also help manage the patient’s overall health and provide teaching resources to patients and caregivers that allow them to remain safely in their own homes. Our team also helps coordinate additional needs, such as durable medical equipment or supplies.

Specialized Home Care Programs
There are several programs that have been developed for patients who have certain conditions. In some cases, specialized nurses and therapists provide care and consultation for patients. Some of our specialized home care programs include:

  • Post open heart surgery
  • Heart failure
  • Stroke
  • COPD
  • Post joint replacement
  • Wound care
  • Ostomy care
  • Pain and symptom management

Additionally, we work closely with the Center for Connected Care to provide home infusion and respiratory therapies.

For more information about home care services, please call 330.745.1601.

Hospice Care

Hospice Care

Hospice is a unique program for terminally ill patients and their families. The focus of hospice care is to help the patient and family with end-of- life decision-making, meeting life's goals, enhancing family relationships, and promoting comfort. Hospice care is provided by a specially-trained team of caring health professionals and volunteers who strive to keep patients and their families comfortable, at peace, and in control of their lives during a changing time by:

  • Managing pain and distressful symptoms
  • Teaching families how to provide comfort and care for their loved ones
  • Offering support for problems, questions, medication adjustments or reassurance 24 hours a day
  • Covering medications, medical equipment and supplies related to the terminal illness
  • Providing assistance with personal care
  • Helping to strengthen relationships with loved ones
  • Assisting with the burdens of decision-making at the end of life
  • Providing bereavement and spiritual care support for the patient and family

We provide hospice care for patients wherever they live. Although home is the primary setting, care can be provided to patients in retirement communities, independent and assisted-living residences, nursing facilities and other settings.

Inpatient hospice services are also available at the Justin T. Rogers Hospice Care Center. The goal at the Hospice Care Center is to provide compassionate hospice services in a home-like setting for patients needing acute, inpatient care or respite care.

Families often feel it is too soon to begin hospice care and wait until too long to call. Patients and their families benefit most if they begin hospice earlier – during the final months of life – while the issues of advance directives, spiritual concerns and psychosocial or financial issues can be addressed by the hospice professional staff. Facing a life-limiting illness is never easy. Choosing hospice will make the journey easier.

Hospice services are covered in full or in part by Medicare, Medicaid, and most major medical insurance companies and managed care organizations.

For more information, please call 330.665.1455.

Home Respiratory Therapy

Home Respiratory Therapy

As a full service home medical equipment company, we offer medical equipment, oxygen and respiratory services, sleep apnea services, medical supplies and convenience items. Our goal is to help patients lead fulfilling and independent lives by offering a wide variety of medical products, including:

  • Respiratory equipment
    • Home oxygen
    • Portable oxygen concentrators
    • CPAP and BiPAP and supplies
    • Nebulizers
    • Suction Units
  • Bathroom safety equipment
    • Bath seats
    • Transfer benches
    • Commodes
    • Bath grab bars
  • Mobility items
    • Walkers or rollators
    • Wheelchairs
  • General medical equipment
    • Lift chairs
    • Stethoscopes
    • Blood pressure units
    • Thermometers
    • Room humidifiers
    • Heat/cold therapy
  • Homecare beds and supplies
    • Semi-electric bed
    • Full-electric bed
    • Low air-loss mattress
    • Gel mattress overlay
    • Alternating pressure pad and pump
    • Bed rails
    • Sheets
  • Breast pumps
    • Purchase breast pumps
    • Hospital-grade rental pumps
  • Compression therapy
    • Compression stockings
    • Custom fitting
  • Enteral nutrition
    • Food pumps
    • Enteral supplies
  • Wound care, ostomy, urological supplies
  • Incontinence supplies

We work collaboratively with patients, families and physicians to select the best equipment and supplies. Patients can choose to visit one of our retail locations or have products delivered directly to their home. Trained technicians will deliver and instruct the patient and family on proper use. In addition, we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Most home medical equipment is covered by insurances with a prescription from your physician and an appropriate diagnosis. Coverage varies based upon your specific insurance policy and the equipment in question.

For more information, please call 330.434.1114.

Home Infusion Therapy

Home Infusion Therapy

Cleveland Clinic Akron General Visiting Nurse Service partners with Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Connected Care to provide home infusion therapies. Cleveland Clinic's infusion pharmacy team brings advanced technology and high quality care to you, wherever you live in our seven-state service area. It's a safe, effective and convenient alternative to inpatient care.

Our licensed pharmacy provides:

  • Cardiac Medications
  • Medications — including antibiotics, immune globulin and pain management
  • Nutrition support
  • Infusion pumps and supplies
  • Medication therapy management
  • Free home delivery

As ordered by your physician, we can administer therapies into your bloodstream (intravenously), beneath your skin (subcutaneously) or around your spinal cord (as an epidural). In addition, we teach many patients how to operate their infusion equipment, so they can connect and disconnect treatments on their own.



We are proud to serve Summit, Stark, Portage, Medina and Wayne counties.

Visiting Nurse Service
#1 Home Care Place, Akron 44320

Equipment and Supplies
160 Opportunity Pkwy, Suite 101, Akron 44307
1 Akron General Ave., Akron 44307

Hospice Care
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Since 1982, hundreds of dedicated volunteers have used their talents and compassion to enhance the lives of hospice patients and their families by providing them with companionship and support. These patients depend upon our volunteers to help them maintain their independence and provide them with physical and emotional comfort. We need both patient contact and non-patient contact volunteers.

After completing orientation, training classes and mentoring with a seasoned volunteer, our patient- contact volunteers visit with hospice patients at home, in nursing facilities and in the Justin T. Rogers Hospice Care Center, providing patients with pleasant company while offering caregivers an opportunity to enjoy time for themselves. At the Hospice Care Center they may assist on the nursing unit with reception duties or in the kitchen helping to prepare meals, with meal tray delivery and also with the feeding of patients. In addition, volunteers help families cope with grief and bereavement issues.

Volunteers are needed to assist in all aspects of fundraising, assisting with the planning and executing of special events, memorial services and in addition are in demand to speak to corporate and community groups about our services through our Speaker's Bureau.

We also have a need for volunteers to help with the Hospice Care Center gardens, with maintenance duties and even feeding the birds.

Our volunteers are a dynamic, compassionate group who are dedicated to helping make a difference in the quality of life of others. We invite you to join us.

If you have any questions, please call the Volunteer office at 330.668.4650.