Allergy & Immunology

Allergy and Immunology specialists treat a variety of conditions including asthma, allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, allergic eczema, urticaria (hives) and swelling disorders, food allergy, medication allergy, and immune deficiency disorders.

Anesthesiology/Pain Management

Anesthesiologists are physicians trained to administer anesthesia and manage the medical care of patients before, during and after surgery. Our staff is trained in the latest techniques in endoscopy, colonoscopy, radiology and cardiothoracic anesthesiology, as well as pain management.

Bariatric & Weight Loss Surgery

Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital’s Bariatric & Metabolic Institute, an integral part of the Shulman Digestive Disease Center, works with patients who are in need of weight loss through bariatric surgery (commonly called weight loss surgery) or non-surgical treatment options based on combination of diet/behavior modification.

Breast Services & Surgery

Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital’s Breast Center provides patients with personalized, compassionate care. A team of experts work collaboratively to screen, diagnose and treat male and female patients with benign (non cancerous) and malignant (cancerous) diseases of the breast. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the program is staffed by a complete team of breast surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, breast radiologists, plastic surgeons, breast pathologists, Certified Breast Patient Navigators dedicated solely to the treatment of the breast.


The Robert and Suzanne Tomsich Department of Cardiology offers Florida patients advanced diagnosis, innovative treatments and comprehensive management of cardiovascular diseases. Our expert cardiologists collaborate among their areas of specialization to achieve excellent treatment outcomes and improved quality of life for our patients.

Cardiovascular Medicine

Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital’s specialists provide surgical treatment for a wide range of heart conditions. Our surgeons are leaders in their field, offering the latest cardiac procedures, including minimally invasive and robotic options and the most complex procedures.

Cardiovascular Surgery

Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital provides surgical treatment for a wide range of heart conditions. Our surgeons are leaders in their field, offering the latest cardiac procedures, including minimally invasive and robotic options and the most complex procedures.

Colorectal Surgery

Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital's Department of Colorectal Surgery, an integral part of the Shulman Digestive Disease Center, specializes in both routine and complex digestive conditions, from functional disorders like fecal incontinence to colon and rectal cancers and inflammatory bowel disease. Our colorectal surgeons, working collaboratively with other specialties, are dedicated to improving the effectiveness of therapeutic treatments, reducing cancer recurrence rates, lessening treatment side effects, and improving patient quality of life.

Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital is also the first hospital in Florida, and second in the nation, to earn accreditation from the National Accreditation Program for Rectal Cancer (NAPRC) administered by the American College of Surgeons.


The Section of Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing within the Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Institute provides a full range of tests, treatments and procedures for all types of arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation (AFib) and complex cases.

Emergency Services

Our emergency services department is staffed by board-certified emergency medicine physicians who have access to multi-disciplinary care teams and the state-of-the-art technology needed to diagnose and treat patients efficiently and effectively, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Endocrine conditions are often complex and involve many systems within the body. Our endocrinologists are experts at diagnosing and treating a number of diseases and disorders, ranging from diabetes to thyroid disorders and cancers.

Executive Health

Designed for on-the-go individuals, the Executive Health Program is a preventive medicine program which maximizes your health and your time. In one day, you can complete a personalized, comprehensive health screening which would normally be completed over several visits, during one extended appointment. The Executive Health Program saves time and encourages you to be proactive about your health so you can stay healthy.

Foot and Ankle Surgery & Podiatry

The Foot and Ankle Center, part of the Levitetz Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, is comprised of medical podiatrists and foot and ankle surgeons that collaborate to provide the best possible treatment options and outcomes for patients with minor conditions of the foot to complex injuries and deformities.

Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition

The Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, an integral part of the Shulman Digestive Disease Center, diagnose and treat patients with digestive problems and conditions. Our specialists use innovative diagnostic tools and treatments such as upper gastrointestinal endoscopy for esophageal, stomach and duodenal disorders, endoscopic ultrasound with fine needle aspiration, ablative techniques for Barrett’s esophagus, colonoscopies, and therapeutic interventions for colonic disease.

General and Specialized Surgeries

The Department of General and Specialized Surgery includes a team of board-certified surgeons who evaluate and treat common and complex conditions affecting the abdomen, gastrointestinal system, and breasts. Our experienced surgeons are skilled in minimally-invasive methods, including robotic-assisted surgery and laparoscopic surgery.


Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital’s Gynecology & Women's Health is nationally recognized and provides comprehensive gynecologic care. From common to complex gynecologic conditions, the Department offers evidence-based care to its patients.

Hand Surgery

Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital’s Section of Hand Surgery specifically diagnoses and treats conditions of the hand, fingers, and wrist. The hand surgeons and rehabilitative therapists work hand-in-hand with specialists within the Department of Shoulder and Upper Extremity Surgery. The goal is to restore the form, function and appearance of the hand as much as possible, as well as reduce or eliminate any pain being experienced by the patient.

Hematology & Medical Oncology

Cancer and blood disorders are challenging conditions that require experts who devote themselves to researching and treating these diseases with diligence and compassion. Our specialists treat even the most complex cancerous and noncancerous (benign) disorders with advanced treatments and exceptional care.

Hospital Medicine

At Cleveland Clinic facilities across Florida, our hospital medicine physicians, or hospitalists, ensure you receive attentive, seamless care throughout your hospital stay. From admission to discharge, an experienced hospital care team is there 24/7, overseeing your condition and coordinating your treatment.

Infectious Diseases

Infectious Disease physicians diagnose and treat chronic and recurrent infections that arise from exposure to infectious diseases, organ transplants or other surgical procedures. Our doctors treat patients in the hospital and or at one of our outpatient clinics. We also offer a Traveler’s clinic which offers advice for all travel-related issues and routine vaccinations for specific destinations.

Internal Medicine

Cleveland Clinic Community Care offers experienced internal medicine physicians skilled in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult disease and conditions. No matter how common or complex your medical condition, our Internal Medicine teams work in collaboration with other Cleveland Clinic specialists to coordinate and manage your care.

Interventional Cardiology

Our structural and interventional cardiologists have years of experience performing complicated interventional cardiology procedures to treat complex heart and vascular conditions, from angina (chest pain) to more serious conditions such as heart attack and mini-stroke.

Liver & Pancreas Surgery

The Department of Liver and Pancreas Surgery, an integral part of the Pancreas Center at Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital, provides diagnostic and surgical expertise for diseases affecting the pancreas, liver and biliary system. Our experienced surgeons treat a full range of complex diseases including tumors, cancers and lesions using advanced techniques and surgical capabilities.

Nephrology & Hypertension

Kidney and hypertension specialists treat patients with common and rare kidney disorders in an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation in diagnosis and treatment. Our specialists work together in a coordinated team environment to provide innovative and compassionate clinical care.


The Pauline Braathen Neurological Center provides comprehensive care in treating stroke, neuromuscular diseases, multiple sclerosis, headaches, movement disorders, epilepsy and dementias.


The Department of Neurosurgery at Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital is home to internationally recognized experts in different neurosurgical specialties. Our modern facility features some of the most technologically advanced equipment to help us treat neurosurgical diseases.

Orthopaedic Surgery & Non-Surgical Orthopaedics

The Levitetz Department of Orthopaedic Surgery specializes in the treatment of bone, joint and connective tissues conditions and disorders. The Department provides a full range of surgical options for the hip, knee, shoulder and upper extremities, foot and ankle, and hand and wrist.

Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital’s non-surgical orthopaedic physicians specialize in treating joint and soft-tissue conditions without surgery. From joint pain and arthritis, to sprains, back pain, tendonitis, concussions and other chronic conditions involving the bones, joints, muscles, our specialists will customize a personalized care plan.


Our otolaryngologists, commonly referred to as ear, nose and throat or ENT physicians, specialize in the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of head and neck, specifically the face, nose, sinuses, throat, ear, neck organs and skull base disorders and conditions.

Pain Management

Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital offers a full spectrum of treatment options for patients suffering chronic and acute pain from disease, surgery or trauma. The department is directed by anesthesiologists who are board-certified in pain management.

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Our team of board certified pathologists offers sub-specialization in Dermatopathology, Cytopathology, Hematopathology and Gastrointestinal Pathology and Renal Pathology. This wide range of sub-specialization enables our division to diagnosis a multitude of diseases and provide your physicians with the best information available to manage your care.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

If you have been hospitalized for stroke, a traumatic injury, major surgery or a severe illness, your doctor may refer you for acute inpatient rehabilitation before you go home. Physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians provide ongoing evaluation, medicinal treatment and therapy for the causes of symptoms which impact a person’s function or ability to perform their usual daily activities such as dressing, bathing, meal preparation, walking, doing household chores and working. Our clinicians work collaboratively to provide patients with a personalized treatment plan to help them recover and improve their quality of life.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Our plastic surgeons offer a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery services. Most have completed additional training in various subspecialties, including cosmetic surgery, microsurgery and body contouring surgery.

Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Pulmonary and critical care physicians diagnose and treat diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer, acute and chronic respiratory failure, interstitial lung diseases, pulmonary hypertension, sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and narcolepsy, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung infections.

Radiation Oncology

At Cleveland Clinic in Florida, our radiation oncologists are experts in designing highly customized radiation therapy strategies for your unique condition. State-of-the-art radiation therapy uses focused, high-energy X-ray beams to destroy cancer cells while sparing surrounding healthy organs or tissue. Our multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists works together to recommend the best treatment plan for you.

Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy

Our Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy program offers a full range of treatment options including physical therapy, sport-specific rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and pediatric rehabilitation services. Board-certified therapists create personalized treatment plans to restore function and wellness.

Rheumatology & Immunologic Diseases

Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital’s board-certified rheumatologists have experience treating a wide range of inflammatory conditions, including those that are rare and difficult-to-treat. We offer comprehensive, team-based care with a compassionate approach. Our renowned team of physicians provides extensive expertise in inflammatory arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis, as well as comprehensive care for autoimmune diseases and other problems affecting the bones, joints, muscles and skin.

Sports Medicine

The Department of Sports Medicine at Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital, an integral part of the Levitetz Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, offer the highest level of sport-specific treatment options, performance enhancement and preventive care for professional, amateur and recreational athletes.

Sleep Medicine

Physicians at the Sleep Disorder Center provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of sleep and wake disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome. Our collaborative team approach includes sleep specialists, pulmonologists, ear-nose-throat specialists, and psychologists or psychiatrists who utilize various treatment options to help you return to restful sleep.

Thoracic Surgery

The thoracic surgeons at Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital are national leaders in lung and chest surgery. We are pioneers in treating thoracic conditions and use the latest minimally invasive and robotic methods. Our skilled surgeons are equipped to care for all types of lung and chest conditions, including rare or complex cases.


Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital’s Transplant Center is one of the leading institutes for heart, liver and kidney transplantation in South Florida. Led by world renowned transplant surgeons and researchers who are at the forefront of organ transplant breakthroughs and innovation. Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital is fully integrated with United Network for Organ Procurement (UNOS).


Our Urology & Kidney specialists offer innovative treatments and advanced surgical capabilities in urology and nephrology. Our physicians are experts in minimally invasive, scarless options for urologic procedures and the treatment of various conditions and cancers that affect the kidneys, bladder, prostate and urinary tract.

Vascular Medicine & Surgery

Vascular physicians collaborate with specialists in a variety of fields including vascular medicine, vascular surgery and diagnostic and interventional radiology to provide innovative and advanced patient care. Their collaborative team approach provides for excellent and compassionate patient care with the goal of achieving excellent patient outcomes.

Wound Care

Cleveland Clinic in Florida specialists provide wound care management to patients suffering from wounds that have not healed within 30 days such as diabetic ulcers, burns, and necrotizing infections. Our multidisciplinary team provides a wide range of services and has access to advanced wound healing technology.