The Sleep Disorders Center at Cleveland Clinic in Florida is a full-service center for evaluating, diagnosing and treating a broad range of sleep disorders. We accurately pinpoint the root cause of sleep problems and create personalized treatment plans to bring relief. Trust our team to help you find your way back to peaceful, restful sleep.

Sleep Disorders Center: Why Choose Cleveland Clinic in Florida

Patients who choose the Sleep Disorders Center at Cleveland Clinic in Florida benefit from:

  • Comprehensive services: Experts in pulmonology and neurology work together to provide sleep testing, diagnosis and comprehensive treatment. Having these specialists work together allows us to treat all types of sleep disorders, including movement disorders of sleep and cognitive dysfunction due to sleep disorders. Meet our team.
  • Convenient sleep testing: We provide all types of sleep testing services, including overnight studies and nap studies. We also offer at-home sleep tests, which allow you to collect sleep data in a more comfortable setting.
  • Personalized support: Using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine can come with a learning curve. Our dedicated respiratory therapists help you learn to use the machine and troubleshoot any issues you may have with it. They use the data downloaded from the machines to provide personalized recommendations and make adjustments.
  • Collaborative care: Sleep specialists work with multiple providers across Cleveland Clinic in Florida and in our communities to provide comprehensive treatment. For example, we collaborate with ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeons who offer hypoglossal nerve stimulation, an innovative treatment for select patients who can’t tolerate CPAP. We also work with community dentists to offer custom-made dental appliances to improve airflow during sleep.
  • Convenient access: We aim to provide all necessary services in one accessible location. Virtual visits make it even more convenient to receive follow-up treatment from the comfort of wherever you prefer.
Sleep Testing and Diagnosis

Sleep Testing and Diagnosis

The first step to effectively treating a sleep disorder is an accurate diagnosis. Our center offers state-of-the-art testing, including sleep apnea tests and other tools, to evaluate and diagnose more than 80 types of sleep disorders. Sleep testing may include:

  • At-home sleep studies: We send you home with a small computer about the size of a cell phone that records your sleep data. You collect data by wearing an appliance over your nose and mouth, a belt around your chest and abdomen, and a small device on your finger when you sleep.
  • Overnight sleep studies: You stay overnight in a sleep laboratory, often called a sleep clinic, so we can monitor your airflow, heart rate, brain waves, eye movements, muscle tension and more while you sleep. These tests, called polysomnograms, can help us diagnose a vast array of sleep disorders. Learn more about what to expect during sleep testing.
  • Multiple sleep latency tests: You complete a polysomnogram overnight, then stay in the laboratory the next day for a series of naps. This test can help us diagnose hypersomnia and narcolepsy.

Sleep Disorder Treatment

We personalize treatment plans based on your needs, choosing the options we believe will be most effective. Your care may include:

  • Medications: A sleep specialist may prescribe oral medicines to treat insomnia, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome or other sleep disorders.
  • Positive airway pressure (PAP): A PAP machine helps to keep your airway open during sleep. You wear a mask over your nose and mouth that connects to the machine and delivers pressurized air. A CPAP machine is one of the most common and effective treatments for sleep apnea.
  • Dental appliances: Depending on your anatomy, a custom-made dental appliance may help to expand your airway during sleep. Also called “anti-snoring mouthpieces,” these mandibular advancement devices help to pull your jaw slightly forward.
  • Hypoglossal nerve stimulation: We may offer select patients the Inspire procedure, an innovative treatment that uses a pacemaker-like device implanted beneath the chest wall. One wire connects the device to the breathing muscles between your ribs (intercostal muscles). Another wire connects to the hypoglossal nerve, which controls your tongue and throat muscles. This helps to coordinate your breathing muscles with the muscles in the back of your throat to prevent your airway from closing during sleep.
Sleep Disorders We Treat

Sleep Disorders We Treat

Our specialists provide personalized treatment for all types of sleep disorders, including:

Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Sleep Disorder Education

Sleep Disorder Education

Cleveland Clinic offers a large library of educational sleep disorder content. Learn more about:

Sleep Organizations and Foundations

Multiple national organizations provide a variety of educational and supportive resources, including the:
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
  • American Sleep Apnea Association.
  • Narcolepsy Network.
  • National Center on Sleep Disorders Research.
  • National Sleep Foundation.
  • Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation.
  • Appointments & Locations

    Appointments & Locations

    Make an appointment at a Cleveland Clinic location in Florida or schedule a virtual visit.


    Cleveland Clinic Florida / Weston Sleep Disorders Center
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    Martin North Hospital
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    Martin Health at Palm City
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    Indian River Hospital Sleep Disorders Center
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