Whether you or a loved one needs hospitalization, an experienced hospital care team is there 24/7, overseeing your condition and keeping you safe. At Cleveland Clinic Florida, our hospital medicine experts ensure you receive attentive, seamless care throughout your treatment, from admission to discharge.

What are hospitalists?

Hospitalists are physicians who are in charge of your care when you need hospitalization for surgery or an acute medical condition. Hospitalists:

  • Communicate with your primary care physician to understand your medical history, health risks and any chronic conditions you may have.
  • Coordinate your care across departments and specialties.
  • Deliver inpatient care and continually assess your condition.
  • Work closely with your family to discuss your diagnosis and treatment through a daily plan-of-care visit.

Why choose Cleveland Clinic Florida?

When you come to us, you can expect:

  • Expert team: Hospitalists are experts in the care of people who are hospitalized. Many have additional training in key specialty areas such as oncology, palliative care, orthopaedics and geriatric medicine. This skill set means they can deliver effective care for a broad range of diseases and disorders.
  • Timely care: Our hospitalists are in the hospital 24/7. They are always readily available to review test results and meet with consultants, family members and people receiving care. This accessibility allows them to respond immediately to acute changes in medical conditions and coordinate care based on each person’s changing needs.
  • Commitment to safety: Hospital medicine providers help reduce your safety risks, medical complications and medication errors during hospitalization. They optimize outcomes after surgery or treatment and perform thorough preoperative assessments to screen for and manage health risks.
Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Our hospital medicine program includes physicians, physician assistants, advanced practice registered nurses, nurses, physical therapists, care managers and transitional care navigators. These providers work collaboratively to ensure you receive seamless care delivery. Our services include:

  • Transitional care management: Our hospital-based teams work closely with your providers to facilitate your transition into hospital care. We also offer comprehensive discharge planning so that you have the most effective care after you leave the hospital. Navigators coordinate home care, rehabilitation, long-term care or palliative care.
  • Outpatient care coordination: Care managers connect you to the outpatient care you need after you leave the hospital. This may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, follow-up care with specialists, home medical equipment or social services.
  • Medication management: Pharmacists work closely with your hospitalist to manage your medications and dosages. This collaboration helps to reduce the risk of drug interactions and overmedication.
  • Preoperative assessments: Our Medicine Preoperative Assessment Clinic (MPAC) optimizes you for surgery. We assess your medical risks, evaluate chronic health conditions, modify your medications and perform the appropriate tests to minimize the risk of complications during and immediately after surgery.
Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Medicine Preoperative Assessment Clinic (MPAC)

Medicine Preoperative Assessment Clinic (MPAC)

The Medicine Preoperative Assessment Clinic (MPAC) at Cleveland Clinic Florida is staffed by medicine providers who have dedicated their practice to perioperative medicine. The main purpose of the MPAC is to carefully evaluate patients prior to their surgery and optimize their medical conditions. This evaluation and optimization helps to minimize the risk of developing complications during and immediately after surgery, as well as minimize unnecessary cancellation of surgeries.

Patients are referred by surgeons from more than 15 different specialties at Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston, Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital and Cleveland Clinic Martin Health.

The MPAC was designed to:

  • Assess perioperative medical risks and optimize patients to decrease this risk.
  • Optimize all chronic medical conditions.
  • Order appropriate testing to optimize medical conditions before surgery.
  • Coordinate care between specialists preoperatively for complex medical conditions.
  • Make evidence-based recommendations for patients, the anesthesiologists and the surgical team (related to both pre and post-operative periods).

This systematic approach has helped Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston, Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital and Cleveland Clinic Martin Health prepare patients for upcoming surgery, deliver quality care, eliminate unnecessary testing and improve overall surgical outcomes.


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