Endocrine conditions are often complex and involve many systems within the body. Cleveland Clinic Florida endocrinologists are experts at diagnosing and treating a number of diseases and disorders, ranging from diabetes to thyroid disorders and cancers.

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Parathyroid surgery

Cleveland Clinic Florida is South Florida’s premier medical center for the treatment hyperparathyroidism, parathyroid tumors, parathyroid disease and parathyroid hormone problems. Our staff of expert surgeons performs routine minimally invasive parathyroid surgery as an outpatient procedure to treat patients in Broward County with single gland adenoma, the most common cause of hyperparathyroidism.

Single gland adenoma accounts for about 99% of hyperparathyroidism cases and occurs when one of the four parathyroid glands is enlarged and produces too much parathyroid hormone (PTH). PTH regulates calcium levels in the blood. Excessive PTH secretion may lead to hypercalcemia or elevated calcium levels, which may lead to bone density complications.

Using minimally invasive surgery, our surgeons have achieved a success rate of over 95% in curing single gland adenoma hyperparathyroidism.

Minimally invasive procedure

Non-invasive preoperative imaging tests help surgeons to locate the affected gland. This may include ultrasound or a technique called Sestamibi scan, which uses a chemical to locate the enlarged parathyroid gland. Once the enlarged gland is determined, the surgeon then makes a very small cut, about 1 inch, in the neck. Typically, the cut is made in an inconspicuous area or within a crease. A small probe is inserted into the cut and the diseased gland is removed. The entire procedure is completed in less than 30 minutes.

There is a minimal amount of pain associated with the procedure. Pain medication will be prescribed; however, many patients report that they do not need it. Following the procedure, patients can go home; no overnight hospital stay is necessary. Many patients are back to work within a week.

Conventional parathyroid surgery

Occasionally, conventional parathyroid surgery is required if the surgeon cannot determine which gland is affected using preoperative imaging techniques. Conventional parathyroid surgery can also be an outpatient procedure, but it sometimes requires an overnight stay. During a conventional surgery, the surgeon will surgically evaluate all four glands to find the one that is enlarged.

Follow-up care

A unique multidisciplinary integration of medical and surgical treatments ensures patients receive continuity of care under the guidance of internationally renowned physicians and surgeons.

Patients follow up with their endocrinologist whether they undergo a minimally invasive or conventional parathyroid surgery to treat their single gland adenoma hyperparathyroidism. The endocrinologist will monitor the patient’s parathyroid hormone and calcium levels. The endocrinologist may also prescribe calcium supplements to rebuild bone density loss.

There are other types of hyperparathyroidism for which surgery is not an option and other forms of treatment may be recommended. The surgeon will determine whether a surgical approach is the best option based on the patient’s individual disease.

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