Pediatric Otolaryngology or ENT (ear, nose, and throat) care at Cleveland Clinic Children's is provided by a centralized team of pediatric otolaryngologists (surgeons), specially trained pediatric ENT nurse practitioners, and pediatric ENT nurses who have advanced training in the care of children and adolescent patients.

We provide complex care and coordination, at the highest level, by partnering with experts from various specialties at Cleveland Clinic Children's. We leverage the expertise of these providers to offer a multidisciplinary approach to challenging pediatric ENT conditions, including unique conditions such as hearing loss, aerodigestive/tracheostomy care and cleft care where a team approach is utilized.

We believe that providing excellent care goes beyond state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques. It also means providing that care with compassion. As a parent or family member, you play a vital role in your child’s health. Please feel free to ask questions, and let us know how we can best serve your needs.

Pediatric Otolaryngology Leadership

Samantha Anne , MD
Medical Director, Pediatric Ear and Hearing Disorders; Assistant Professor, Pediatric Otolaryngology
Brandon Hopkins , MD
Section Head and Asst. Professor, Pediatric Otolaryngology; Surgical Director, Aerodigestive (PCAVS) and Cleft Congenital & Complex Sleep Clinics
What We Treat

What We Treat

Otolaryngologists focus on the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose, throat, and head and neck disorders. We treat a wide range of complex ENT disorders, such as:

We also care for children who may develop ENT problems as a result of a congenital or acquired disorder or disease, such as:



Pediatric Center for Airway, Voice and Swallowing Disorders

Cleveland Clinic Children's Pediatric Center for Airway, Voice and Swallowing Disorders offers integrated assessment and care from multiple medical and surgical specialists for infants and children. Patients with complex medical conditions, including respiratory tract, swallowing and digestive issues can often be seen at a single location during one afternoon visit.

We see all child and adolescent patients with complex congenital or acquired aerodigestive disorders, not just young patients on ventilators or with tracheostomies.

Our staff includes:

A sequence of visits is tailored for each child, who typically spends 30 minutes with each specialist. The team later holds a debriefing to discuss findings, progress and the treatment plan.

During the clinic, in-office diagnostic procedures and periodic endoscopic airway assessments can be performed. If additional problems are discovered, they can be addressed at the same visit. Should surgical intervention be required, both the diagnostic pulmonary assessment and the procedure itself are done under a single anesthesia.

For information on the Pediatric Center for Airway, Voice, and Swallowing Disorders, please call 216.444.3061.

Pediatric Hearing Management Clinic (PHMC)

The Pediatric Hearing Management Clinic provides a comprehensive, family-centered approach to the evaluation and management of children with hearing impairment. Our multidisciplinary team is focused on patient care, education and research.

The PHMC treats children who have been diagnosed with the following:

  • Congenital deafness
  • Unilateral or bilateral sensorineural hearing loss
  • Auditory neural spectrum disorder
  • Conductive hearing loss caused by aural atresia, microtia and ossicular abnormalities

All of a child’s hearing health care providers are in one setting through the PHMC, which is convenient for parents because multiple appointments with several pediatric specialists can be scheduled within one block of time. Each PHMC session is scheduled for approximately two hours, and children spend time with each specialist for evaluation.

Specialists from several areas may be involved in the child’s evaluation and management process. Below is a brief description of the evaluations.

Pediatric Ear Surgery

The pediatric otolaryngology visit includes an examination of the child and discussion of possible etiologies of the hearing impairment. Laboratory and radiologic evaluations may be recommended and arranged. Treatment options, including possible surgical interventions when applicable, are discussed.


Topics covered during appointments with the audiologist include an overview of the hearing management process, discussion of the child’s hearing sensitivity and its possible implications, an overview of hearing assistive technology, and a review of support organizations. Children in the PHMC will still be seen for separate appointments by pediatric audiologists as they go through the hearing (re)habilitation process.

Speech-Language Pathology

During the Communication Consult the child’s auditory (“listening” skills), speech (sound production and speech intelligibility), and language (receptive and expressive vocabulary/grammar, etc.) skills and abilities will be discussed and assessed.


The genetic counselor will take a detailed family history and review the child’s medical history for features suggestive of known genetic causes of hearing loss. Appropriate genetic testing may be offered and recurrence risks for family members will also be reviewed. Referral for a formal physical examination by a medical geneticist may also be offered.

At the conclusion of the appointments, the team will evaluate and discuss the child’s case and determine the best management plan for the child and family and share the results. Some insurance companies exclude coverage for hearing loss. Please contact your insurance provider if you are unsure if hearing loss is covered.

To make an appointment in the Pediatric Hearing Management Clinic or if you have questions, please call our coordinator at 216.445.0075.







Pediatric Otolaryngology Appointments

Phone: 216.444.8500 or 800.223.2273, ext. 48500
Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays
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Specialty Programs Contact Information

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  • Pediatric Multidisciplinary Hearing Center (PMHC)
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