What is a broken nose?

A broken nose, or nasal fracture, is significant damage to the bones and cartilage in the central part of the face. Any facial injury, including accidental falls, can cause a broken nose. Broken noses make breathing difficult and can alter your appearance.

Your doctor diagnoses a broken nose with a physical examination. In some cases, you might need X-rays or computed tomography (CT) scans to determine the extent of your injury.

More complicated breaks require bone repositioning and casting. In severe cases, surgery corrects a broken nose. Less severe broken noses usually don’t need treatment.

Who is most at risk for a broken nose?

People participating in contact sports are more at risk for a broken nose. Also, people with balance or mobility issues that make them more prone to falling are at higher risk.

How common is a broken nose?

Broken noses are common. Broken noses make up about 40% of all facial bone injuries.

What are the symptoms of a broken nose?

Many people with broken noses have nasal deformities (changes to the shape of the nose). Other symptoms are common, including:

What causes a broken nose?

Facial injuries can cause broken noses. Many broken noses result from minor injuries, like punches or falls.

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