Cleveland Clinic professionals, caregivers and volunteers work together to provide Grief and Bereavement services which are tailored to companioning with you on the journey.

Memorial Services provide sacred stillness to remember and activities to honor your loved one. Group and individual support options blend a focus of listening with head and heart. Resources provide quality support close to your home. Education brings practical help with what to expect through written content and links to Grief and Bereavement web sites which offer video, podcast and forums to learn from and share your experience. 

We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Featured Resources

Spiritual Care
Our approach is compassionate listening and is open to all beliefs as well as those not comfortable with religion. Spiritual care encompasses that which connects an individual or group to their meaning and purpose, to others, to creation, and to the significant or sacred.

Advance Directives
Advance planning to proactively think about your healthcare wishes related to end-of-life care.

Center for Connected Care
(includes Hospice and Post Death Care)
Comprehensive Grief and Bereavement Services to promote healing and renewed hopefulness through education, support and referral.

Health & Wellness
Providing a Holistic Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle integrating mind, body, and spirit.

Center for Integrative Medicine
Holistic approach to reducing stress with treatment modalities which offer relief from pain and emotional distress.

Employee Assistance Program
For Cleveland Clinic Caregivers (employees) and their family members (residing in the employee’s household): Confidential, no-cost counseling services that address a wide range of issues (grief/bereavement, couple counseling, mood disorders, work stress, etc.)

Featured Article

From the grief and bereavement website called, which focuses on grief and bereavement education and resources for adults, teens, and children.

There are 64 things About Grief about grief that almost no one tells you about. Here is a sample:

  • No matter how prepared you think you are for a death, you can never be fully prepared for the loss and the grief.
  • You can plan for death, but death does not always comply with our wishes or plans.
  • Dying is not like you see on TV or in the movies. It is not peaceful or prepared. You may not have a spiritual or meaningful moment . . . "It’s too real"
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